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June 2022 - Volume 79 - Issue 6

  • George W. Booz, PhD, FAHA
  • 0160-2446
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  • Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems 75/143, Pharmacology & Pharmacy 162/279
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Mitochondrial Transplantation: A Unique Treatment Strategy (Manli Zhou, Yunfeng Yu, Ying Luo, Xiaoxin Luo, Yifan Zhang, Xiahui Zhou, Yilei Hu, Weixiong Jian). Mitochondrial transplantation refers to the process of introducing isolated mitochondria into a damaged area of the heart or other organs. In the past decade, this technique has been continuously updated as the fundamental research on the repair of damaged cells or tissues. Particularly, in the field of heart protection from ischemia-reperfusion injury, the MT therapy has been developed to the clinical trial stage. Generally speaking, the goal of therapeutic intervention is to replace damaged mitochondria or increase the transfer of mitochondria between cells so as to improve mitochondrial dysfunction. In this review, we summarize the studies on mitochondrial transplantation conducted at different time nodes and outline a range of different methods for delivering mitochondria into the target site. Finally, we describe the applications of mitochondrial transplantation in different diseases, and discuss the clinical studies of human mitochondrial transplantation currently in progress, as well as the problems that need to be overcome. We hope to provide new ideas for the treatment of mitochondrial defects related diseases.


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Original Article

Effect of IL-1 Blockade With Anakinra on Heart Failure Outcomes in Patients With Anterior Versus Nonanterior ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Del Buono, Marco Giuseppe; Damonte, Juan Ignacio; Chiabrando, Juan Guido; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 79(6):774-780, June 2022.