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August 2020 - Volume 76 - Issue 2

  • George W. Booz, PhD, FAHA
  • 0160-2446
  • 1533-4023
  • 12 issues per year
  • Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems 62/138, Pharmacology & Pharmacy 147/270
  • 2.598

The August issue features a comprehensive review by Dr. Raj Kishore and colleagues on circular RNAs (circRNAs).  These newly identified members of a distinct class of long noncoding RNAs may play a critical gene regulatory role in cardiovascular injury and repair.  Because of their long half-lives compared to their linear counterparts, they may also serve as biomarkers for cardiovascular disease (CVD).  The regulatory potential of circRNAs as sequesters of miRNA and RNA-binding proteins (RBP) in CVD has generated particular interest.  However, there are still many questions about their mode of action to "sponge" miRNA or RBP, as well as in certain cases their potential to function as protein-coding RNA.  As discussed by Dr. Kishore and colleagues, exploiting their therapeutic potential for CVD requires a better understanding of how circRNAs are regulated, including insights into their subcellular localization, their comprehensive interactome, and their stability/degradation in cardiovascular cells.

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