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June 2021 - Volume 77 - Issue 6

  • George W. Booz, PhD, FAHA
  • 0160-2446
  • 1533-4023
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  • Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems 62/138, Pharmacology & Pharmacy 147/270
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The June issue offers a number of original articles, reviews, and two articles in our Emerging Concepts in Pharmacotherapeutics series. One review article is by Jonathan Pascale, Pamela Lucchesi, and Victor Garcia, entitled Unraveling the Role of 12- and 20- HETE in Cardiac Pathophysiology: G-Protein–Coupled Receptors, Pharmacological Inhibitors, and Transgenic Approaches. Members of the HETE family of eicosanoid metabolites have been shown to contribute to the pathogenesis of ischemic cardiac disease, maladaptive cardiac hypertrophy, and heart failure. This timely article provides an update on recent mechanistic insights on the role of 12(S)-/20-HETE in cardiac diseases. As the authors note, “The chemical and functional diversity of cardiac eicosanoids requires new systems-based biological approaches, from analytical methods to sophisticated computational approaches to model lipid metabolism and lipid–receptor interactions. The identification of signaling nodes and multivariate data analytics of lipidomic profiles will allow investigators to capture metabolic snapshots at different stages of heart disease development and progression. Likewise, mechanistic characterization of lipid metabolite–G-protein coupled receptor interactions could lead to the generation of novel therapeutics that target specific receptors to treat cardiovascular diseases."​


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