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The Impact of Education About Cervical Cancer and Human Papillomavirus on Women's Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Beliefs: Using the PRECEDE Educational Model

Koç, Zeliha; Özdes, Emel Kurtoglu; Topatan, Serap; More

Cancer Nursing. 42(2):106-118, March/April 2019.

The Development of a Nurse-Led Internet-Based Learning and Self-care Program for Cancer Patients With Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression—A Part of U-CARE

Hauffman, Anna; Alfonsson, Sven; Mattsson, Susanne; More

Cancer Nursing. 40(5):E9-E16, September/October 2017.

Tools for Assessing Nausea, Vomiting, and Retching: A Literature Review

Wood, Janelle M.; Chapman, Kathleen; Eilers, June

Cancer Nursing. 34(1):E14-E24, January-February 2011.

Quality of Life in Women With Breast Cancer Treated With or Without Chemotherapy

Tiezzi, Maria Fernanda Barbirato da Mata; de Andrade, Jurandyr Moreira; Romão, Adriana Peterson Mariano Salata; More

Cancer Nursing. 40(2):108-116, March/April 2017.

Influence of Menopausal Status on the Symptom Experience of Women Before Breast Cancer Surgery

Mazor, Melissa; Cataldo, Janine K.; Lee, Kathryn; More

Cancer Nursing. 41(4):265-278, July/August 2018.

A Systematic Review of Oral Assessment Instruments: What Can We Recommend to Practitioners in Children's and Young People's Cancer Care?

Gibson, Faith; Auld, Elizabeth M.; Bryan, Gemma; More

Cancer Nursing. 33(4):E1-E19, July-August 2010.