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  • Updated:   3/5/2021
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Promoting Community Awareness of Lung Cancer Screening Among Disparate Populations: Results of the cancer-Community Awareness Access Research and Education Project

Williams, Lovoria B.; Looney, Stephen W.; Joshua, Thomas; More

Cancer Nursing. 44(2):89-97, March/April 2021.

Editor's Pick (44:2)

Measuring the Burden on Family Caregivers of People With Cancer: Cross-cultural Translation and Psychometric Testing of the Caregiver Reaction Assessment–Indonesian Version

Kristanti, Martina Sinta; Vernooij-Dassen, Myrra; Utarini, Adi; More

Cancer Nursing. 44(1):37-44, January/February 2021.

The Effect of Nonpharmacological Interventions on Managing Symptom Clusters Among Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review

So, Winnie K. W.; Law, Bernard M. H.; Chan, Dorothy N. S.; More

Cancer Nursing. 43(6):E304-E327, November/December 2020.

Literature Review (43:6)

The Art of Living With Symptoms: A Qualitative Study Among Patients With Primary Brain Tumors Receiving Proton Beam Therapy

Langegård, Ulrica; Ahlberg, Karin; Björk-Eriksson, Thomas; More

Cancer Nursing. 43(2):E79-E86, March/April 2020.


Chinese Version of Pediatric Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System Short Form Measures: Reliability, Validity, and Factorial Structure Assessment in Children With Cancer in China

Liu, Yanyan; Yuan, Changrong; Wang, Jichuan; More

Cancer Nursing. 42(6):430-438, November/December 2019.

Editor's Pick 42(6)

Nursing Interventions to Reduce Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Occlusion for Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review of Literature

Pan, Mengting; Meng, Aifeng; Yin, Rong; More

Cancer Nursing. 42(6):E49-E58, November/December 2019.

Literature Review 42(6)

The Impact of Education About Cervical Cancer and Human Papillomavirus on Women's Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Beliefs: Using the PRECEDE Educational Model

Koç, Zeliha; Kurtoglu Özdes, Emel; Topatan, Serap; More

Cancer Nursing. 42(2):106-118, March/April 2019.

Editor's Pick (42:2)

Exploring Explanatory Models of Risk in Breast Cancer Risk Counseling Discussions: NSABP/NRG Oncology Decision-Making Project 1

Gunn, Christine M.; Bokhour, Barbara; Parker, Victoria A.; More

Cancer Nursing. 42(1):3-11, January/February 2019.

Editor's Pick (42:1)

Physical Activity, the Childhood Cancer Symptom Cluster–Leukemia, and Cognitive Function: A Longitudinal Mediation Analysis

Hooke, Mary C.; Rodgers, Cheryl; Taylor, Olga; More

Cancer Nursing. 41(6):434-440, November/December 2018.

Editor's Pick (41:6)

The Resilience in Illness Model Part 2: Confirmatory Evaluation in Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer

Haase, Joan E.; Kintner, Eileen K.; Robb, Sheri L.; More

Cancer Nursing. 40(6):454-463, November/December 2017.

2018 Research Award Winner

The Patient–Healthcare Professional Relationship and Communication in the Oncology Outpatient Setting: A Systematic Review

Prip, Anne; Møller, Kirsten Alling; Nielsen, Dorte Lisbet; More

Cancer Nursing. 41(5):E11-E22, September/October 2018.

OPEN ACCESS, Literature Review (41:5)

Influence of Menopausal Status on the Symptom Experience of Women Before Breast Cancer Surgery

Mazor, Melissa; Cataldo, Janine K.; Lee, Kathryn; More

Cancer Nursing. 41(4):265-278, July/August 2018.

Editor's Pick (41:4)