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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Interrelatedness of Distress Among Chinese-Speaking Patients and Family Caregivers

Interrelatedness of Distress Among Chinese-Speaking Patients and Family Caregivers

Lee, Joyce W.K., PhD; Gotay, Carolyn, PhD; Sawatzky, Richard, PhD, RN; Kazanjian, Arminée, DrSoc

"My paper examines the interrelatedness of patients' and family caregivers' distress through interviews with a group of Chinese-speaking patients and family caregivers in British Columbia, Canada. Having had experience with cancer in my family over the past five years, this topic is of particular relevance and importance to my research endeavour. In my role as a daughter and a sister, I encountered first-hand the distress of living with cancer in the family, where the cultural beliefs and values regarding illness and help-seeking have served as facilitators as well as barriers in coping with the disease. At the same time, my family also experienced the positives of cancer, of personal growth and closer family relationships. The impact of cancer on the family is multi-faceted, and it is through ongoing research that we glean insights into such complexities. I am grateful for the many lessons I have drawn from my family's and the larger community's experience with cancer. The work in this paper is just the beginning of my endeavour, joining hands with patients, families and health professionals to expand our understanding of the cultural and social context of ill persons and family members, towards the end goal of upholding patient- and family-centred care."

--Corresponding author Dr. Joyce Lee on her paper, "Interrelatedness of Distress Among Chinese-Speaking Patients and Family Caregivers" currently published online ahead-of-print on the CANCER NURSING Web site.  The full article may be viewed here with a subscription.