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The function of the “Author on Call” blog is to allow our readers and authors to interact with each other in a unique way. A few select authors will be chosen to share on the blog aspects of their papers that were especially meaningful to them personally or points that may not have made it into their published report. Readers will then have the opportunity to provide comments and questions, to which the authors will respond.

At times, as seen in our first entry, we will also post separate entries to the blog on various special topics that we feel would be informational or that we welcome your feedback on.

Monday, July 3, 2017

What do you find especially impressive when you are reviewing a manuscript?

​We recently posed this question to our team of peer reviewers:  As a peer reviewer for a specialty journal (CANCER NURSING: An International Journal for Cancer Care), what do you find especially impressive when you are reviewing a manuscript?    Hear what some had to say:

Patricia Carter, PhD, RN, CNS:  It is especially important/impressive for me to see that the author(s) have carefully considered and clearly articulated how their work will APPLY to the practice of oncology nursing. 


Sally Thorne, RN, PhD, FAAN, FCAHS: It is especially impressive when the author has predicted and pre-empted the kinds of critiques that a thoughtful reader is likely to have about the manuscript.


Patsy Yates, PhD, RN, FACN, FAAN:  When the work reflects real advances to cancer nursing knowledge and that it could transform practice.


Kathryn Ciccolini Hernandez MSN, RN, OCN, DNC: I find it extremely impressive when the manuscript is submitted as a first draft with a well-structured outline of thought, minimal grammar changes, and writing style format is strictly adhered to. Also, I find it impressive when the authors can articulate the importance and purpose of their paper and define why their work is important to the reader on the first round of edits. 


Diana J. Wilkie, PhD, RN, FAAN: Compelling, specific problem with strong scientific premise and theoretical basis to support rigorously implemented methods with clearly reported findings, targeted discussion, and solid conclusions about implications for practice, education, and future research. 


Mary Ann Cantrell, PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN: What I find especially impressive when reviewing a manuscript is a well written, logically congruent constructed paper that has timely significance to advance the science in oncology nursing. 


Deborah B. McGuire, PhD, RN, FAAN: It's especially striking when authors of a submitted research manuscript are able to bring together their focus on an important clinical cancer problem with first-rate research methodology, thereby producing findings that help nurses in the practice arena. 


Meinir Krishnasamy, PhD: Robust/evidence informed definitions of variables of interest that align with measures or methods employed to collect data.


Paz Fernández- Ortega, RN, MSc, PhD: In my opinion, authors have improve methods on research. It makes me very happy to read interesting studies with qualitative and mix- methods!!


Elisabeth Coyne, PhD, MN, BN, RN, RM: The quality of the manuscripts is good, topics interesting and ease of submission.  


Dong Pang, PhD, RN: As a peer reviewer, I am most impressed by the passion of the authors who would like to explore and share their experiences in cancer nursing, and the academic atmosphere that the editor provided to us, especially when I read the comments of other peer reviewers of the same manuscripts, as well as the model comments each year!


Sharleen Simpson, PhD, MA, MSN, BSN, ARNP: Since I mostly review international manuscripts, I am impressed by the tremendous variety of topics related to different cultures, environments and resources that nurses from around the world are researching but that still have relevance to US and UK problems.


B. Joyce Davison, RN, PhD: I am impressed when I find an article that is writing about a new topic or taking a new fresh view on a topic/disease. Many are rehashing old things that should be built on with a fresh take.


Usha Menon, PhD, RN, FAAN:  Strong writing and good editing!


Donna Milne, RN, MN (Res), PhD: What I find impressive when I review a manuscript is an abstract that is well written, concise and contains the main message and encourages me to read on.


Yan (Ella) Lou, BSN, MSN, PhD: Authors' description of the problems encountered in the real world and passion to solve the problem are most impressive.


Cristina García Vivar, PhD: Family resilience is the successful coping of cancer patients and their family members under adversity that enables them to flourish with warmth, support, and cohesion. Metaphorically speaking, authors show through their articles an incredible resilience: facing rejections, coping with major changes, building capacity to improve their papers, and keeping the hope that finally, and after much effort and work, their article is accepted!


Jun Yan, PhD, RN: I found that the quality of nursing manuscripts is getting higher and higher, therefore provides a solid theoretical basis for our professional development.


Jennifer Stephens, MA, PhD(c), RN, OCN: The manuscripts I find most impressive are those that are cutting edge, particularly in regards to pushing boundaries around research methodologies.


Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, FAAN: I find the author(s) are passionate about their work!


Winnie KW So, PhD, RN:  A topic that is able to address the actual health needs of cancer patients; the topic is able to attract an international audience.


Lorraine Holtslander, RN, PhD, CHPCN(c): I look for a cohesive manuscript that provides new insight into complex problems or issues.


Jeanne M Erickson, PhD, RN, AOCN: I am most impressed with a manuscript that answers a significant and innovative question related to the care of patients with cancer using literature or research methodology.


Suzanne Ameringer, PhD, RN: I find the experience of reviewing manuscripts that are submitted from around the world quite amazing!



Do you agree with these reviewers' comments?  Do you have an additional opinion?  If so, please let us know by commenting below!