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The function of the “Author on Call” blog is to allow our readers and authors to interact with each other in a unique way. A few select authors will be chosen to share on the blog aspects of their papers that were especially meaningful to them personally or points that may not have made it into their published report. Readers will then have the opportunity to provide comments and questions, to which the authors will respond.

At times, as seen in our first entry, we will also post separate entries to the blog on various special topics that we feel would be informational or that we welcome your feedback on.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Valuable insights from our authors of 39:2 (Mar/Apr)

​We hope you are thoroughly enjoying our current issue!  We are so happy to share with you thoughts from our authors regarding their valuable contributions to cancer nursing research.  As always, links to their articles can be found below!


"Families were especially important to survivors and their centrality went beyond the resources, structure, and support for physical, neurocognitive, emotional, and social functioning.  That is, especially for the most affected, their families provided the recognition that they were important beings and their existence mattered to someone.  Advocacy for appropriate support is urgently needed to support the HRQOL for survivors and for their families, as well as comprehensive cancer survivorship care."

-Dr. Janet Deatrick and co-author Ms. Wendy Hobbie on their paper "Adolescent and Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumors: Life After Treatment in Their Own Words," published in CANCER NURSING Volume 39, Issue 2.


"Radiation treatment for gynaecological cancer is distressing. Nurse-led interventions can address the psychosocial needs of patients, yet there are no examples of how to develop such programs for women with gynaecological cancer. This paper describes the development and pilot testing of an evidence-based, innovative nurse-led intervention with telephone peer support. Readers of Cancer Nursing who are seeking to develop their own novel support programs for oncology patients will find this article an essential read."

-Ms. Rebecca Bergin, co-author of the paper "Developing an Evidence-Based, Nurse-Led Psychoeducational Intervention With Peer Support in Gynecologic Oncology," published in CANCER NURSING Volume 39, Issue 2.

Our best wishes to all of you!