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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back - 2013 Literature Reviews

This past year has been an eventful, truly wonderful one for CANCER NURSING.  We are so grateful for all of our exceptionally talented authors who continue to provide us with such remarkable papers.  Our theme issue, Volume 36, Issue 5 (September/October), was also a tremendous success and was presented at the 2013 SIOP meeting. 


We wanted to do a little something special in honor of our authors who published literature reviews in 2013 issues of CANCER NURSING; therefore, we have here compiled a mini-collection of their papers.  Please enjoy reviewing these articles once more.


Published in 36:1 (January/February):


The Context of Oncology Nursing Practice: An Integrative Review

Bakker, Debra PhD, RN; Strickland, Judith PhD(c), MN, RN; MacDonald, Catherine PhD(c), MN, RN; Butler, Lorna PhD, RN; Fitch, Margaret PhD, RN; Olson, Karin PhD, RN; Cummings, Greta PhD, RN


Sleep Patterns and Sleep-Impairing Factors of Persons Providing Informal Care for People With Cancer: A Critical Review of the Literature

Kotronoulas, Grigorios MSc, BSN; Wengstrom, Yvonne PhD, OCN; Kearney, Nora MSc, RGN


Young Men With Cancer: A Literature Review

Campbell-Enns, Heather J. MSc; Woodgate, Roberta L. PhD, RN

Published in 36:2 (March/April):


Disgust and Behavioral Avoidance in Colorectal Cancer Screening and Treatment: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda

Reynolds, Lisa M. MSc; Consedine, Nathan S. PhD; Pizarro, David A. PhD; Bissett, Ian P. MD


Central Nervous System Injury and Neurobiobehavioral Function in Children With Brain Tumors: A Review of the Literature

Baron Nelson, Mary PhD; Compton, Peggy PhD; Patel, Sunita K. PhD; Jacob, Eufemia PhD; Harper, Ronald PhD


Published in 36:3 (May/June):


Illness-Related Emotional Experiences of Patients Living With Incurable Lung Cancer: A Qualitative Metasynthesis

Refsgaard, Birgit MScN, RN; Frederiksen, Kirsten PhD, MEd, RN


Published in 36:4 (July/August):


Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for the Identification of Supportive Care Needs in People With Lung Cancer: Are We There Yet?

Maguire, Roma PhD, MSc (Med Sci), BN, RGN; Kotronoulas, Grigorios MSc, BSN; Papadopoulou, Constantina MSc, BSN; Simpson, Mhairi F. MN (Cancer), BSc (Nursing), RN; McPhelim, John BSc (Hons) (Nursing), RGN; Irvine, Lynn PGD (Cancer Care), RGN


Published in 36:6 (November/December):


A Labor of Love: The Influence of Cancer Caregiving on Health BehaviorsRoss, Alyson PhD, RN; Sundaramurthi, Thiruppavai MSN, RN, CCRN; Bevans, Margaret PhD, RN, AOCN


Comparison Between Patient-Reported and Clinician-Observed Symptoms in Oncology

Xiao, Canhua PhD, RN; Polomano, Rosemary PhD, RN, FAAN; Bruner, Deborah Watkins PhD, RN, FAAN


Happy reading!