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Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Impact of Delays in Low-Income Women’s Breast Cancer Experiences

Article authors:  Jerome-D'Emilia, Bonnie PhD, MPH, CBCN, RN; Suplee, Patricia D. PhD, RNC-OB; Robles-Rodriguez, Evelyn DNP, APN, AOCN; D'Emilia, Wyatt MA

“I spent two years of my life studying breast cancer treatment and outcomes for low income women in New Jersey, but when you just look at numbers you do not really know what the women diagnosed with breast cancer are experiencing. My colleague and I set out to interview women diagnosed through a cancer outreach program in Camden, NJ, and the response was amazing. We met incredible women who persevered and overcame barriers of poverty, lack of insurance and access to care, family concerns and their own fear to take control of their disease and do what needed to be done. Most of the women faced delays for various reasons, but all were so thankful for the support and care they received at the cancer outreach setting. We were touched and impressed by their strength and hope they all continue to do well. As researchers we need to get beyond the numbers if we really want to understand the cancer experience."


--Corresponding author Dr Bonnie Jerome-D'Emilia speaks on her paper, "The Impact of Delays in Low-Income Women's Breast Cancer Experiences," published in CANCER NURSING Volume 44, Issue 1.  For a limited time, the article may be viewed below without a subscription.