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March/April 2021 - Volume 32 - Issue 2
pp: 107-222


Leadership trends among orthopaedic trauma surgery fellowship directors: a cross-sectional demographic review

Sama, Andrew J.; Schiller, Nicholas C.; Ramirez, Cody M.; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 32(2):107-111, March/April 2021.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000977

Relationship between the time from injury to surgery and the degree of fracture reduction by ligamentotaxis in a posterior instrumentation without fusion for thoracolumbar unstable burst fracture: a retrospective cohort study

Ko, Sangbong; Choi, Wonkee; Lee, Jaejun; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 32(2):124-129, March/April 2021.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000976

Comparing indirect decompression using elastic nails versus curettage, bone graft substitute, and intramedullary stabilization for the management of unicameral bone cysts in skeletally immature patients: a retrospective case series study

El Masry, Ayman Mohammad; Elkhateeb, Tameem Mohamed; Azmy, Sherif Ishak; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 32(2):187-196, March/April 2021.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000965

A literature review of commercially available demineralized bone matrix products and their clinical evidence in acute fractures, nonunions, and fusion procedures

Downing, Michael; Niedzielak, Timothy; De La Rosa, Charles; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 32(2):197-203, March/April 2021.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000971