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AABIP Research Grant—Request for Applications

Journal of Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology: April 2012 - Volume 19 - Issue 2 - p 85
doi: 10.1097/LBR.0b013e318253927d

Disclosure: There is no conflict of interest or other disclosures.

The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP) is inviting applications for research awards. Award applications should be related to the study of interventional pulmonology.

Funding: Award amounts can be up to $10,000 per year, with the possibility of renewal up to $25,000 for the second year. No more than 10% of the awarded amount can be used to support the salary of the principal investigator. Travel costs and publication charges will be limited to $1000 each.

Applicants: The applicant should be a permanent resident, or on an appropriate working visa, of the United States or Canada. The study supported by AABIP must be carried out in the United States or Canada at an accredited medical institution in the discipline of interventional pulmonology. Preference will be given to individuals who are within 10 years of the end of formalized training. If the applicant is currently in training, the application should clearly outline the mentoring environment of the institution and the qualifications of the mentor supervising the study. Applicants should be members in good standing of the AABIP. The applicant must submit a study budget and a letter from the department chair and the institutional grants office to show that the institution where research will be carried out has the infrastructure to carry out such research. These items include:

  • Internal Review Board.
  • Health Information Patient Privacy Act compliance certificate.
  • Federal Wide Assurance Certificate or its number.
  • Institutional and personal certificate of human research compliance.
  • Institutional and personal certificate of animal research compliance (if animal research is part of the application).
  • Financial accountability structure.

Data, Publication, and Potential for Funding for the Second Year: If the applicant seeks a second year of funding, the AABIP research committee will review the data accumulated in the first half of the study to consider granting another year of funding. These applications will be reviewed with other new and renewal applications for a fair competition. Specific instructions for a competitive renewal will be posted at a later date.

AABIP requires that the data generated from the study supported by its funding be presented at the annual AABIP meeting (usually as the postgraduate course on the first day of the American College of Chest Physicians meeting—CHEST).

AABIP also encourages the recipients to submit their work for publication to the Journal of Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology. The publication should mention the funding source as AABIP.

Application Process: Applications should follow an National Institutes of Health (NIH) style format. The background, preliminary data, specific aims, and research design are limited to 8 pages. In addition, an NIH formatted biosketch for each investigator should be submitted. The application should be submitted by e-mail to the AABIP. The deadline for application submission is 11:59 PM ET August 31, 2012. A scientific review of the submitted applications and the results of the funding decisions will be sent to applicants by December 15, 2012. Release of funding will be on March 15, 2013. For templates and more detailed instructions, please visit

For inquiries and general questions, please contact Ali I. Musani (

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