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Morcos Sameh K. M.D.; Anderson, Paul B. M.D.; Ward, Peter M.D.; Weber, Sepp M.D.; Wenzel-Hora, Brunhild I. M.D.
Journal of Bronchology: April 1996
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This study evaluates the efficacy of using the water-soluble nonionic dimer iotrolan (300 mg iodine/ml) in bronchography via the flexible bronchoscope in diagnosing airway diseases. Forty bronchograms via the flexible bronchoscope were performed in 38 patients (mean age, 65.5 years) with suspected airway disease. Two hundred ninety-five lung segments were examined (mean, 8 segments/examination) using a mean 15 ml of iotrolan 300 per examination. The bronchograms were independently reviewed by two pulmonary radiologists. Disagreement about the findings occurred in 10 examinations (25%) with mild bronchographic abnormalities. Independent agreement on the diagnosis was observed in 72% of the cases with bronchiectasis but only 40% of the cases with chronic bronchitis. All the bronchograms were considered diagnostic with the exception of two examinations (5%). No serious side effects occurred in the study. In conclusion, bronchography via the flexible bronchoscope with iotrolan 300 seems to be an efficient technique for diagnosing airway disease and is well tolerated by the patients.

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