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Pacht Eric R. M.D.; Shimek, Cristina M.D.; St. John, Roy C. M.D.
Journal of Bronchology: April 1996
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To determine the safety of flexible bronchoscopy in nonintubated patients on high concentrations of inspired oxygen, we undertook a retrospective review of medical records and statistical analysis of findings in a tertiary care university hospital. Thirty-four consecutive nonintubated patients underwent flexible bronchoscopy while receiving high concentrations of oxygen (Fio2 > 0.5; 28 of 34 receiving Fio2 of 1.0). All patients tolerated the procedure and only four of the 34 required intubation and mechanical ventilation for worsening respiratory failure in the 4 h after the bronchoscopy. There were no deaths or other complications related to the procedure. This study supports the premise that flexible bronchoscopy can be safely performed in nonintubated patients receiving high concentrations of inspired oxygen. It does not appear necessary prophylactically to intubate the patient before the procedure. However, final recommendations will have to await a prospective, randomized trial.

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