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Noppen Marc M.D.; Dhaese, Jan M.D.; Meysman, Marc M.D.; Monsieur, Ingrid M.D.; Verhaeghe, Wim M.D.; Vincken, Walter M.D., Ph.D.
Journal of Bronchology: January 1996
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Tracheobronchial stents are increasingly used for maintaining or establishing airway patency in patients with central airway obstruction due to endoluminal tumor, extrinsic tumor compression, tracheal malacia, or some benign conditions. Silicone stents (e.g., Dumon-Artemis) are often preferred over expandable metal stents, in view of their easier replacement or removal. However, spontaneous migration of silicone stents occurs at a significant frequency, especially when located in the trachea. We therefore designed a new synthetic (Tygon) tracheal prosthesis, with a screw-thread surface assuring increased stent fixation to the tracheal wall. This new stent was easily introduced in 10 patients with tracheal stenosis. Tolerance was excellent, and there was no stent migration or other complication. Besides a lower risk of spontaneous migration, this new stent offers the advantages of a substantially lower cost and an easy and simple insertion procedure. The ability for readjustment or removal of the stent is equal to that of the Dumon stent.

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