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Rhee Yang Keun M.D. Ph.D.; Kim, Won M.D.; Lee, Yong Chul M.D., Ph.D.; Kuh, Ja Hong M.D., Ph.D.
Journal of Bronchology: July 1995
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After the initial use of expandible metallic stents (Gianturco type) in vascular and biliary pathology, they have been used in airway narrowing due to tumoral compression, postsurgical stenosis, posttransplantation lesion, posttraumatic lesion, and tracheobronchol malacia. Reported complications in the above-mentioned conditions are granuloma formation, stent migration, localized inflammation, fatal massive hemoptysis, wall perforation, obstruction, and respiratory distress. An expandible metallic stent was used successfully in tuberculous bronchial stenosis that did not respond to medical therapy. But there was no long-term follow-up report after stent insertion. To our knowledge, obstruction after self-expanding metallic stent insertion in tuberculous bronchial stenosis is previously unreported in the English-language literature. We report a case of obstruction after successful Gianturco metallic stent insertion due to tuberculous bronchial stenosis.

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