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Bolliger Chris T. M.D.; Arnoux, André M.D.; Oeggerli, Marie-Verena R.N.; Lukic, Garon ING; Perruchoud, André P. M.D.
Journal of Bronchology: July 1995
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A new covered Wallstent was used in a 47-year-old patient with complete obstruction of the right endobronchial tree due to advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the right upper lobe. Life-threatening dyspnea had developed because of a subtotal conical stricture 1.5 cm in length involving the distal trachea and proximal left main bronchus. A silicone stent was inserted but had to be removed because of insufficient anchorage. A Gianturco metal stent was inserted instead, with good relief of dyspnea, but 3 weeks later recurrent tumor growth through the stent led to vital dyspnea again. A Wallstent with a flexible polyurethane covering was inserted, with immediate symptom relief. Bronchoscopy 1 month later showed perfect position and patency of the stent. The patient died of cachexia and bronchopneumonia 6 weeks after stent insertion. This new Wallstent worked well in a short stricture with a significant diameter gradient, the covering preventing recurrent obstructive tumor growth. Long-term compatibility will have to be tested.

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