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Blood pressure from the optical Aktiia Bracelet: a 1-month validation study using an extended ISO81060-2 protocol adapted for a cuffless wrist device

Vybornova, Anna; Polychronopoulou, Erietta; Wurzner-Ghajarzadeh, Arlène; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(4):305-311, August 2021.

Smartphone based blood pressure measurement: accuracy of the OptiBP mobile application according to the AAMI/ESH/ISO universal validation protocol

Degott, Jean; Ghajarzadeh-Wurzner, Arlene; Hofmann, Gregory; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(6):441-448, December 2021.

Clinical impact of blood pressure variability in patients with COVID-19 and hypertension

Nam, Jong-Ho; Park, Jong Il; Kim, Byung-Jun; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(5):348-356, October 2021.

Validation of the Omron HEM-7320-LA, upper arm blood pressure monitor with Intelli Wrap Technology Cuff HEM-FL1 for self-measurement and clinic use according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010 in the Mexican population

Grover-Páez, Fernando; Cardona-Muñoz, Ernesto G.; Cardona-Müller, David; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 22(6):375-378, December 2017.

European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010 for the validation of blood pressure measuring devices in adults

O'Brien, Eoin; Atkins, Neil; Stergiou, George; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 15(1):23-38, February 2010.

Accuracy testing of a new optical device for noninvasive estimation of systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to intra-arterial measurements

Pellaton, Cyril; Vybornova, Anna; Fallet, Sibylle; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(2):105-109, April 2020.

Cardiac baroreflex function and vascular reactivity recovery after aerobic exercise in patients with early cirrhosis

Mira, Pedro Augusto de C.; Henrique, Diane M.N.; Loschi, Renato Q.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(6):324-331, December 2020.

Use of feedback on medium-term blood pressure measurement skills in medical students: a randomized controlled trial

Bastos e Castro, Margareth Alves; Lucchetti, Alessandra Lamas Granero; Tibiriçá, Sandra Helena Cerrato; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(3):147-154, June 2020.

Blood pressure altering method affects correlation with pulse arrival time

Heimark, Sondre; Rindal, Ole Marius H.; Seeberg, Trine M.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 27(2):139-146, April 2022.

Ambulatory blood pressure variability and combined exercise training: comparison between hypertensive and normotensive postmenopausal women

Mariano, Igor Moraes; Dechichi, Juliene Gonçalves Costa; Matias, Larissa Aparecida Santos; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(6):338-345, December 2020.

The German Hypertension League (Deutsche Hochdruckliga) Quality Seal Protocol for blood pressure-measuring devices: 15-year experience and results from 105 devices for home blood pressure control

Tholl, Ulrich; Lüders, Stephan; Bramlage, Peter; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 21(4):197-205, August 2016.

Long-term effect of masked hypertension management on cognitive functions in geriatric age: geriatric MASked hypertension and cognition follow-up study (G-MASH-cog MONITOR)

Balci, Cafer; Esme, Mert; Sümer, Fatih; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(4):271-278, August 2021.

Prevalence of aberrant blood pressure readings across two automated intraoperative blood pressure monitoring systems among patients undergoing caesarean delivery

Schonberger, Robert B.; Gonzalez-Fiol, Antonio; Fardelmann, Kristen L.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(1):78-83, February 2021.

Prevalence of masked hypertension evaluated by home blood pressure monitoring in a large sample of patients with office blood pressure <140/90 mmHg

Magalhães, Jéssica A.; Lins-Filho, Ozéas de L.; de Couto, Tarcya L.G.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(3):224-229, June 2021.

Mid-arm circumference and recommended blood pressure cuffs for children and adolescents aged between 3 and 19 years: data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999–2010

Ostchega, Yechiam; Hughes, Jeffery P.; Prineas, Ronald J.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 19(1):26-31, February 2014.