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Smartphone based blood pressure measurement: accuracy of the OptiBP mobile application according to the AAMI/ESH/ISO universal validation protocol

Degott, Jean; Ghajarzadeh-Wurzner, Arlene; Hofmann, Gregory; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(6):441-448, December 2021.

Clinical impact of blood pressure variability in patients with COVID-19 and hypertension

Nam, Jong-Ho; Park, Jong Il; Kim, Byung-Jun; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(5):348-356, October 2021.

Blood pressure altering method affects correlation with pulse arrival time

Heimark, Sondre; Rindal, Ole Marius H.; Seeberg, Trine M.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 27(2):139-146, April 2022.

Feasibility of home blood pressure telemonitoring in a low resource setting

Chori, Babangida S.; Abubakar, Sani M.; Ibrahim, Etubi A.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 27(Suppl 1):e1, December 2022.

European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010 for the validation of blood pressure measuring devices in adults

O'Brien, Eoin; Atkins, Neil; Stergiou, George; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 15(1):23-38, February 2010.

Population attributable fraction estimates of cardiovascular diseases in different blood pressure levels in a large-scale cross-sectional study: a focus on prevention strategies and treatment coverage

Keykhaei, Mohammad; Rezaei, Negar; Roshani, Shahin; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 28(1):1-10, February 2023.

Validation of Uright model TD 3127AT wireless-portable ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device with timer trigger modification, standard cuff size, in normotensive and mild hypertensive patients of Thailand registry (Thai valid ambulatory blood pressure monitoring)

Laosanguanek, Wanchat; Kaewkanha, Ponthakorn; Khowinthaseth, Sirhavich; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 27(6):397-401, December 2022.

The International Database of Ambulatory blood pressure in relation to Cardiovascular Outcome (IDACO): protocol and research perspectives

Thijs, Lutgarde; Hansen, Tine W.; Kikuya, Masahiro; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 12(4):255-262, August 2007.

Validation of the professional device for blood pressure measurement Microlife WatchBP Office in adults and children according to the American National Standards Institute/Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation/International Organization for Standardization standard

Kollias, Anastasios; Ntineri, Angeliki; Kyriakoulis, Konstantinos G.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 23(2):112-114, April 2018.

Comparative study on daytime and nighttime blood pressure monitoring between routine ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and the combined use of the Omron HEM-6410T watch and HEM-9601T wrist devices

Huang, Jian-Feng; An, De-Wei; Li, Ming-Xuan; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 27(Suppl 1):e2-e3, December 2022.