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European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010 for the validation of blood pressure measuring devices in adults

O'Brien, Eoin; Atkins, Neil; Stergiou, George; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 15(1):23-38, February 2010.

Blood pressure monitoring: theory and practice. European Society of Hypertension Working Group on Blood Pressure Monitoring and Cardiovascular Variability Teaching Course Proceedings

Stergiou, George S.; Palatini, Paolo; Asmar, Roland; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 23(1):1-8, February 2018.

Acute effects of moderate-intensity and high-intensity exercise on hemodynamic and autonomic reactivity to the cold pressor test in young adults with excess body weight

Meireles, Kamila; Peçanha, Tiago; Dias, André R.L.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(2):82-88, April 2020.

Accuracy testing of a new optical device for noninvasive estimation of systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to intra-arterial measurements

Pellaton, Cyril; Vybornova, Anna; Fallet, Sibylle; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(2):105-109, April 2020.

A strategy utilizing ambulatory monitoring and home and clinic blood pressure measurements to optimize the safety evaluation of noncardiovascular drugs with potential for hemodynamic effects: a report from the SYNERGY trial

Weber, Michael A.; Chapple, Christopher R.; Gratzke, Christian; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 23(3):153-163, June 2018.

Validation of the Omron HEM-7320-LA, upper arm blood pressure monitor with Intelli Wrap Technology Cuff HEM-FL1 for self-measurement and clinic use according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010 in the Mexican population

Grover-Páez, Fernando; Cardona-Muñoz, Ernesto G.; Cardona-Müller, David; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 22(6):375-378, December 2017.

Effects of dapagliflozin on blood pressure variability in patients with prediabetes and prehypertension without pharmacological treatment: a randomized trial

Díaz-Cruz, Cristal; González-Ortiz, Manuel; Rosales-Rivera, Lizet Y.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(6):346-350, December 2020.

Cardiac baroreflex function and vascular reactivity recovery after aerobic exercise in patients with early cirrhosis

Mira, Pedro Augusto de C.; Henrique, Diane M.N.; Loschi, Renato Q.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(6):324-331, December 2020.

A cohort-based comprehensive characterization of different patterns of very short-term, within-visit, blood pressure variability

Papaioannou, Theodore G.; Protogerou, Athanase D.; Stamatelopoulos, Kimon S.; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 25(3):131-135, June 2020.

Advancements and critical steps for statistical analyses in blood pressure response to resistance training in hypertensive older women: a methodological approach

da Cunha Nascimento, Dahan; Neto, Ivo Vieira de Sousa; Saraiva, Bruno; More

Blood Pressure Monitoring. 26(2):135-145, April 2021.