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The effects of acute oral naltrexone pretreatment on the abuse potential of intranasal methamphetamine, and the relationship between reward/punishment sensitivity and methamphetamine’s effects

Jones, Jermaine D.; Mumtaz, Mudassir; Vadhan, Nehal P.; More

Behavioural Pharmacology. 33(4):255-265, June 2022.

MK-801-induced deficits in social recognition in rats: reversal by aripiprazole, but not olanzapine, risperidone, or cannabidiol

Deiana, Serena; Watanabe, Akihito; Yamasaki, Yuki; More

Behavioural Pharmacology. 26(8 Special Issue Pharmacological Approaches To The Study Of Social Behaviour - Part 3: Drug Effects O):748-765, December 2015.

Effect of drugs of abuse on social behaviour: a review of animal models

Blanco-Gandía, Maria C.; Mateos-García, Ana; García-Pardo, Maria P.; More

Behavioural Pharmacology. 26(6 Special Issue Pharmacological Approaches to the Study of Social Behaviour - Part 1: Reviews):541-570, September 2015.

Tryptophan catabolites along the indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase pathway as a biological link between depression and cancer

Barreto, Francisco S.; Chaves Filho, Adriano J.M.; de Araújo, Márcia C.C.R.; More

Behavioural Pharmacology. 29(2 and 3):165-180, April 2018.

Trait specific modulatory effects of caffeine exposure on compulsive-like behaviors in a spontaneous mouse model of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Mitra, Swarup; Santana Miranda, Vanessa; McMillan, Casey; More

Behavioural Pharmacology. 31(7):622-632, October 2020.