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Announcement of two Special Issues: Stress-related disorders and executive functioning

doi: 10.1097/FBP.0000000000000399

The editors of Behavioural Pharmacology are pleased to announce that a Special Issue on The Behavioural Pharmacology of Stress-Related Disorders will be published in the Spring of 2019. As in a previous Special Issue in this area, we are primarily interested in using this Special Issue to explore research that furthers understanding of the relationships between stress and mental and physical health, and the mechanisms underlying those effects. Accordingly, the focus will be on paradigms in which stress has been shown to have lasting consequences. We would be particularly interested, this time around, to receive submissions relevant to post-traumatic stress disorder, an area of increasing clinical importance.

We now invite behavioural pharmacologists working on stress to submit reports of original, unpublished empirical studies, for inclusion in the Special Issue. Review papers are also welcome, but as the Special Issue may include a number of invited reviews, these should be discussed with the editors at an early stage to avoid duplication. Also, please ask one of the editors if you are uncertain whether a report of your research would be suitable for inclusion.

All papers should be submitted online at: Contributors are advised to submit as early as possible, and should aim to do so before the end of July 2018. Later submissions could be accepted, but the later your submission is received, the higher the likelihood that it might miss the publication deadline for the Special Issue. However, all papers – whether destined for hard-copy publication in Special or Regular Issues – are published online shortly after they are accepted.

Behavioural Pharmacology now publishes two Special Issues each year. We have previously announced a Special Issue for later this year on The Pharmacology of Executive Functioning, which has attracted significant interest. For anyone seeing this for the first time, the announcement, with full details, is available at:

We are still accepting submissions for the Executive Functioning Special Issue: contributors should aim to submit their manuscripts before the end of May 2018, but preferably sooner. Again, later submissions could be accepted but they run the risk of missing the publisher’s deadline.

Paul Willner (Editor)

Jack Bergman (Associate Editor)

Louk Vanderschuren (Associate Editor)

Bart Ellenbroek (Reviews Editor)

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