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Announcement of 2018 Special Issue: The pharmacology of executive functioning

Willner, Paul; Bergman, Jack; Vanderschuren, Louk; Ellenbroek, Bart

doi: 10.1097/FBP.0000000000000369

Executive functions are those cognitive processes that are necessary for selecting and monitoring goal-directed actions: prominent among them are decision making, working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility. These processes are controlled primarily, though far from exclusively, by the prefrontal cortex. Executive functioning is an increasingly important area of behavioural pharmacology, in which traditional pharmacological techniques are combined with sophisticated behavioural methods, including an extensive menu of decision-making and working memory tasks, and with neuroscience tools such as brain lesions, intracranial drug administration, genomic manipulations, and more recent methods such as pharmacogenetics and optogenetics.

We now invite behavioural pharmacologists working on any aspect of executive functioning to submit reports of original, unpublished empirical studies, for inclusion in this Special Issue. We would be interested to know in advance if you are intending to submit a paper for potential inclusion. Review papers are particularly welcome, but as the Special Issue may include a number of invited reviews, these should be discussed with the Editors at an early stage to avoid duplication. Please ask one of the Editors if you are uncertain whether a report of your research would be suitable for inclusion in this Special Issue.

All papers should be submitted online at Papers will be published online as soon as they are accepted, with hard copy publication towards the end of 2018. Contributors are urged to submit as early as possible, and should in any case aim to do so before the end of May 2018. Later submissions might be accepted (our Special Issue typically do include a number of submissions that arrive after the due date), but the later your submission is received, the higher the likelihood that it may miss the publication deadline. We guarantee, however, that any submission that meets quality standards but is accepted too late for inclusion in the Special Issue will be published as soon as possible thereafter.

Paul Willner (Editor)

Jack Bergman (Associate Editor)

Louk Vanderschuren (Associate Editor)

Bart Ellenbroek (Reviews Editor)

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