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Trust, Peer Review, and the Pandemic

doi: 10.1097/01.ASW.0000694252.55935.8d
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This has been an extraordinary, transformative, and unpredictable year in so many ways. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) have worked lengthy shifts, often on the frontlines of novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) care, putting their own personal health at risk. Despite these challenges, they have continued not only to provide care at their “day jobs,” but also to find the time in their hectic schedules to volunteer as peer reviewers for Advances in Skin & Wound Care. As we have learned, the virus has far-reaching impacts for every industry; when the pandemic began, it was unclear what implications COVID-19 would have on publishing. Would there still be a steady intake of manuscripts? Would our peer reviewers the world over have the availability to go beyond their expanded or even usual work roles and accept our invitations to review manuscripts during such a difficult time?

What happened exceeded our expectations. We continued to receive a record number of submissions; we worried what this would mean for our peer reviewers. However, even when invitees could not complete a peer review in the requested time frame, they declined the invitation quickly so someone else could be invited. This was so helpful. We worked hard to solicit and expand the number of skin and wound care experts in our database, focusing on a diversity of reviewers by geographic location and career stage. Having a good mix of reviewers at the beginning, middle, and later stages of their careers means each manuscript can benefit from the wisdom of experience and/or the new perspectives of a beginner. With more reviewers, we can limit the number of invitations to any single expert and thereby hopefully prevent peer reviewer fatigue or burnout.

We welcome all of our new Editorial Advisory Board members, peer-review panelists, and first-time peer reviewers, as well as thank all of our continuing reviewers. Please look at the names on our masthead and on the next page. The current “esprit de corps” has created a heartwarming community dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and improved practice for our readers and their patients. The best comments have been from those who felt “engaged” and that “Advances is ‘our journal,’” indicating their touching commitment to our mission and vision statements. One recent comment in particular illustrates our common goals: “All of us interested in the care of the patient with wounds, the complexities of wound care, and the science of wound healing are an enthusiastic, committed team.”

This September 21st through the 25th, we celebrate our community during Peer Review Week 2020.1,2 As in the past, it is a virtual global event that not only brings attention to the role of peer review but also celebrates the importance that peer review plays in maintaining scientific quality. Each year has a theme, and this year it is “Trust in Peer Review.”1 This was a particularly fluid year that thrust many HCPs into the position of quickly evaluating rapidly changing information and making clinical decisions on the best ways to proceed; accordingly, never has trust in our scientific publications been more necessary.

When it comes to trust, HCPs can rely on guidance written by organizations that have established their expertise and commitment to excellence. For example, this issue’s continuing education article by Dr Mary Litchford, a former president of the NPIAP, provides an important summary of the key points from the 2019 Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers/Injuries: Clinical Practice Guideline. This article can assist HCPs to identify the major changes in the guideline regarding nutrition and use the handy table on essential nutrients to put this new knowledge into practice. Further, this issue includes a diverse set of feature articles; we trust you will find these pages filled with helpful scientific information validated by our incredible team of experts.

Elizabeth A. Ayello, PhD, MS, BSN, RN, CWON, ETN, MAPWCA, FAAN

R. Gary Sibbald, MD, DSc(Hons), MEd, BSc, FRCPC(Med Derm), FAAD, MAPWCA, JM


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2. Meadows A. In Peer Review Week We Trust. April 9, 2020. Last accessed June 23, 2020.

Thank You

The editorial team of Advances in Skin & Wound Care would like to thank the following experts who reviewed manuscripts for the journal from August 2019 to July 2020:

Margaret Teu Andrews

Sharon A. Aronovitch

Mara Aronson

Muhammad Shahzad Aslam

Helen Christina Ballestas

Sharon Baranoski

Paula Barbel

Bruna Maiara Ferreira Barreto Pires

Benjamin Bashline

Karen Lynn Bauer

JoAnn Beaudoin

Nancy Bergstrom

Christine Berke

Dan R. Berlowitz

James A. Birke

Gregory Bohn

Laura L. Bolton

Douglas D. Bradham

Mary R Brennan

David M. Brienza

Edith Ann Brous

Cezar Buzea

Virginia Capasso

Kathleen Miriam Capitulo

Laurent Olivier Chabal

Sumon Chakrabarti

Norman J. Chideckel

Ernest S. Chiu

Andy S. Chu

Kara Couch

Linda Cowan

Jill Cox

Christopher Cox

Roberto Cuomo

Victor Czerkasij

George A. Deitrick

Barbara Delmore

Debra L. Fawcett

Jennifer Flo

Anika Fourie

Harold Ira Friedman

Elizabeth Kahrs Friedrich

Susan L. Garber

Amit Gefen

Sandeep Gopalakrishnan

Scott Gorenstein

Subhas Gupta

Michel H.E. Hermans

Susan D. Horn

Anthony R. Iorio

Adam Lee Isaac

Christine C. Jarocki

Jonathan Johnson

Steven J. Kavros

Khurram H. Khan

Chaitanya Kodange

Bharat Kotru

Michael J. Lacqua

Stephan Landis

Diane K. Langemo

Raymond Lanzafame

Kimberly LeBlanc

Sarah Lebovits

Michelle V. Lee

Bruce Levin

Jeffrey Levine

Brock Liden

Mary Demarest Litchford

Joseph M. McCulloch

James McGuire

Melissa Sue McNulty

Matthew Mark Melin

Nancy Munoz

Rose Murphree

David W. Musick

Ann Marie Nie

Jeffrey Niezgoda

Linda Norton

Laurie Parsons

Julia Claire Paul

Barbara Pieper

Anna Aneta Polak

Elena Pope

Mary Ellen Posthauer

Jenny Prentice

Madhuri Reddy

Catherine A. Rogers

Ernesto Cuauhtémoc Sánchez

Richard Edward Schlanger

Thomas Serena

Cathryn Sibbald

Mary Sieggreen

Robert Skerker

Hiske Smart

Daniel J. Smith

Stephen Sprigle

Joyce Stechmiller

Susan Stelton

Nancy Stotts

Gulnaz Tariq

Jill Trelease

Puneet Tuli

Cathleen Van Houten

Darryl Werner

Vivian K. Wong

Kevin Woo

Annette Wysocki

Tracey Yap

Cecilia Yeung

Saldy Yusuf

Katherine Zimnicki

Karen M. Zulkowski

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