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Duration: 5:33
ASN Publications 
Dr. Morgan Grams provides an overview of the findings of her study, “Discrepancies between Cystatin C–Based and Creatinine-Based Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rates,” on behalf of her colleagues.
Duration: 5:19
ASN Publications 
Dr. Farrukh M. Koraishy summarizes the results of his study, “Geographic and Temporal Trends in COVID-Associated Acute Kidney Injury in the National COVID Cohort Collaborative,” on behalf of his colleagues.
Duration: 3:18
ASN Publications 
Dr. Gangadharan Komala provides a summary of the results of his study, “Kidney Adverse Events Associated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy,” on behalf of his colleagues.
Duration: 9:42
ASN Publications 
In this podcast Dr. Briggs discusses two manuscripts that explore the use of modern genomic methods to diagnose causes of CKD. One paper describes a clinical workflow for incorporating whole exome sequencing and the other provides evidence genomic disorders contribute to monogenic CKD in adults as well as children. The work is a reminder of the benefits for clinical management of obtaining a genetic diagnosis.