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​​Call for Applications

​​​​The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) seeks applications for Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), ASN’s flagship journal.  This individual will also serve as the senior EIC for the entire ASN journal portfolio, which consists of JASN, the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN), and Kidney360, and will ensure that the journals are functioning as a cohesive and collaborative publishing unit. 

JASN is a monthly peer-reviewed publication dedicated to advancing kidney care and treatment worldwide through the reporting novel and rigorous basic and clinical research.  Applicants will:

  • be an ASN member, possessing knowledge of the breadth of basic, translational, and clinical research in nephrology.
  • have a distinguished record of scholarly contribution. 
  • possess strong leadership qualities, intellectual vision, organizational abilities.
  • have experience relevant to editing a flagship peer-reviewed nephrology journal.
  • understand the concept of a publishing portfolio and will partner with CJASN and Kidney360 to build a globally recognized platform for presenting the best of nephrology.
  • set overall policy of the portfolio and will work closely with the EICs of CJASN and Kidney360 to ensure that such policy is followed and adjusted as needed.

The term will officially begin January 1, 2024, for a six-year non-renewable term.  (For 2023, we estimate several months of overlap and transition with the existing editorial team.)

In support of the strategic direction set by the ASN Publications Committee (which reports directly to the ASN Council, which is the society’s governing body), the EIC’s primary responsibilities include:

  • high level editorial oversight of the entire ASN portfolio, so that it will be in line with the vision of the ASN portfolio, and scope of each journal.
  • overseeing and fostering a holistic approach to journal publishing with the EICs and editorial teams of JASNCJASN, and Kidney360 whereby collaboration and cross-communication are practiced.
  • selecting clinical and basic research content (both original and invited) to be peer-reviewed, oversight of the peer review process, and ultimately the acceptance or rejection of submitted content.   
  • seeking out authors and science from around the globe to be considered for publication that will enhance the journal’s quality, reputation, and scholarship. 
  • building on the journal’s current achievements, strengthen its competitive position, and develop editorial initiatives that generate content representative of the full spectrum of top tier, highest-quality research.  
  • publishing ASN-developed clinical guidance, consensus statements, and policy statements.
  • producing a competitive number of original research articles, editorials, reviews, and research letters each volume year.

Accepting the position, the EIC will:

  1. shape the mission, content, and scope of JASN as the flagship journal, so that it is in line with the overall vision and mission of ASN.
  2. have control and autonomy over the editorial content of JASN, excluding ASN-developed material. ASN will not interfere with the editorial decisions regarding what content is published in JASN. ASN cannot be expected to retain editors who consistently take strong, one-sided positions contrary to the core values or polices of the society.
  3. oversee the overall ASN portfolio, working cooperatively with the CJASN and Kidney360 EICs in a spirit of collaboration and teamwork recognizing the journals form one portfolio. This requires devising and implementing strategies to bolster the leadership position of the journals, ensuring high quality manuscripts will find the appropriate home within the portfolio
  4. be guided by good judgement in the publishing of articles, in accordance with their editorial objectives.  The EIC will not be influenced by external factors to determine the release of any article.
  5. allocate as requested several pages per issue for the inclusion of content provided by ASN (president, councilors, executive vice president) to be published by the journal appearing as submitted (apart from AMA style and composition) without review or editing by the editorial team, regardless of the EIC’s opinion of the content or opinions expressed by ASN.
  6. select and present to the ASN Publications Committee a diverse list (regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, institution, geography) of nominees (with no or with manageable conflicts of interest or commitment) for two deputy editors and no more than 15 associate editors (includes, Perspective, Policy, and other editors). Should the EIC desire to expand the number of editors who receive a stipend, justification must be presented to the committee.
  7. replace a member of the editorial team as needed following the process outlined above.
  8. observe and enforce word and page count limitations with an understanding that such parameters positively affect the reviewing process, reader experience, and appeal of the publication and thus improve the journal’s standing.
  9. understand and adhere with goals set by the committee for:

                  i. total number of original research articles published annually.

                  ii. total number of research letters and review articles published annually.

                  iii. total number of editorials published annually.

                  iv. speed to publication in online and print formats.

  1. supervise the editorial team ensuring completion of reviews efficiently and objectively.
  2. solicit globally original research and invited material for review.
  3. declare all conflicts of interest or commitment. 
  4. update the disclosure information in the ASN membership database and require each member of their editorial team to do likewise.
  5. agree to adhere to the ASN Policy on Scientific Misconduct and ensure that the editorial team also adheres to this policy.
  6. act with discretion and demonstrate impartiality to any editor, editorial team/board member, author, society member, subscriber, staff, vendor, advertiser, or other society partner.
  7. work with the executive/managing editor to ensure clear communication among the editorial team and ensure that issues or challenges are addressed in a timely and professional manner.
  8. raise concerns about staff or staff responsibilities and bring concerns in a timely manner to the ASN Senior Vice President of Operations.
  9. accept oversight by the ASN Publications Committee, a role assigned to the committee by the ASN Council. 
  10. report regularly (at least annually) to the publications committee on the editorial health and viability of their publication with such reporting to include but not be limited to traditional metrics and committee objectives:
    1. Submissions: number submitted, accepted, gender and geographic distribution.
    2. Publication numbers: articles published by type, corresponding author gender and geographic distribution, average speed to production for both ahead of print and issue content.
    3. Peer review and Editorial Board composition with gender and geographic distribution.
    4. Article performance: impact factor, high impact articles, new features/article types introduced, and identification of any new trends and developments.
    5. Strategic plans including both performance against committee objectives as well as growth plans for editorial content (new article types, series information, and others).

Application and review process.

  1. Interested individuals will submit an application package no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. EDT that includes:
    1. A current curriculum vitae.
    2. Names and contact information of three professional references.
    3. A succinct letter of interest and qualifications, that must address how the candidate will accommodate the time demands of performing the responsibilities of EIC.
    4. Philosophy on the role of Senior EIC within the journal portfolio
    5. An editorial vision for JASN with the following items of specific interest to the search committee:
      1. an analysis of the current content of JASN
      2. the editorial direction of the journal
      3. recommendations for new areas of focus and/or new content types
      4. changes you would make in JASN editorial content
      5. innovative ideas for approaching journal portfolio publishing
      6. ideas for recruiting top-tier authors and submissions
      7. suggested make-up and responsibilities of the editorial team; Deputy Editors and Associate Editors, other editors
      8. Current disclosures (conflict of interest as well as conflict of commitment).
    6. Editorial vision for the journal portfolio.

All information will be submitted to ASN by Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. via email to Bob Henkel, at [email protected].

  1. The committee will review all first-round applications and select several individuals for face-to-face interviews. Selected applicants will be invited to interview with the committee in March 2023.  Those not selected for face-to-face interviews will be notified, and names of the first-round applicants are confidential.  All names of those selected for face-to-face interviews will be shared with the ASN Council.
  2. After the interviews, the committee will determine their final recommendation and submit that recommendation to the ASN Council for final consideration.
  3. All finalists will be notified of the council’s decision in advance of any public announcement. 
  4. The individual selected will submit to the ASN Publications Committee a diverse list (note item f. above) of proposed Deputy and Associate Editors. Upon acceptance by the council the new team will determine its content and author recruiting, reviewing, and selection processes, and strategies in advance of when the team will begin to review new manuscripts, as well as start solicitation of invited material. The current JASN editorial team will complete its responsibilities on December 31, 2023.

Those considering applying are encouraged to speak to ASN Publications Committee Chair Tarek El-Achkar, MD, FASN (Tarek El-Achkar) and ASN staff, Bob Henkel ([email protected]) or Shari Leventhal (Shari Leventhal) to discuss this call for applications and the journal. 

Download a PDF of this description:  Call for Applications​