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​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

​1. Why the change?

In July 1990, ASN published the first issue of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology with the intent to publish the highest quality and innovative peer-reviewed scientific findings in the nephrology field.  To maintain our ability to quickly innovate, ensure speed to publication and distribution of nephrology science, and to effectively serve the members, authors, and readers of the journals, ASN, at the direction of the President and Council of the ASN, conducted a rigorous study of the publishing landscape, resulting in a partnership with Wolters Kluwer. This partnership will ensure all ASN journals will meet and exceed the criteria for scientific publishing while advancing all peer-reviewed articles and expanding global readership.

2. Why Wolters Kluwer? 

ASN selected Wolters Kluwer for its deep knowledge and understanding of scientific and medical publishing. As ASN's publishing partner, Wolters Kluwer Health will provide the tools and services necessary to expand our reach to new audiences, streamline the submission process, and provide new benefits to our members. 

3. Will the journals change?

The editorial independence of the journal editors does not change. 

4. What is the new manuscript submission system?

On November 15, 2022, ASN released a new manuscript submission system, Editorial Manager. This new system streamlines the submission process for all authors and provides a more efficient and effective method of engaging with ASN's editorial teams and articles. Some featured benefits of the new submission system include: 

  • A standard login for authors, reviewers, and editors
  • Direct integration with the copy editing and composition production system
  • Increased avenues to offer reviewer recognition via ORCID, ReviewerCredits, and Publons

Manuscripts currently in process in ScholarOne and eJournal Press will not be affected by this change.  They will continue to be processed in these sites until they have reached a final editorial decision. New manuscripts can only be submitted through Editorial Manager.

Please note that historical records will not be moved from ScholarOne and eJournal Press to Editorial Manager.  Manuscripts that received a final editorial decision in either system will not appear in Editorial Manager. Reviews completed in either system will not appear in Editorial Manager.

Submissions may be made to:

CJASN     JASN     Kidney360

5. How has the production process changed?

Questions about the production of specific articles should be directed to the journal Managing Editor and the Executive Editor.

6. What will happen to manuscripts that have already been submitted?

All manuscripts submitted before the change, including revisions, will be managed through their current system (i.e., ScholarOne for CJASN and JASN and eJournal Press for Kidney360), with the goal for manuscripts moving forward to publish no later than July 31, 2023.

7. What will happen to manuscripts that I am in the process of reviewing?

If you already accepted an invitation to review, you will continue to access and review the manuscript and any revisions through the current system.

8. How will I know my new username and password?

A new user account was created for you, and you should have received an email with access instructions on or before Tuesday, November 15th. If you did not receive an email or receive more than one email, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

9. How will this affect sales and renewals of institutional subscriptions of the journals?

WK manages all sales and renewals. Your primary contact for subscription sales and renewals is Mr. Jeffrey Simmons, [email protected].  WK will provide you with 2023 rates for online, print, and print+online subscriptions for JASN and CJASN.  Kidney360 is an online-only open access journal and is available at no charge. 

10. I'm an ASN member. How do I login to the sites?

From any of the journal home pages, click the Log In link just above the journal logo.  Then select the “ASN Member Login" option.  You will be automatically taken to where you login using your ASN credentials.  Once validated, will return your session to the journal page from whence you started.  

11. Will you continue to receive journal alerts from CJASN, JASN, and Kidney360?

Yes, you will still be signed up to receive journal alerts.  However, the "FROM" email address will change.  To ensure you do not miss an Issue or Publish Ahead of Print (PAP) Alert, add these two email address to your safe senders list:

  • FROM: Lippincott Journals eTOC, [email protected]
  • FROM: Latest Articles - Alert ASN, [email protected]
  • The IP address is  You may need to have your IT department whitelist this address.