May/June 2015 - Volume 61 - Issue 3
pp: 225-369,e14-e19

Preservation of Native Aortic Valve Flow and Full Hemodynamic Support with the TORVAD Using a Computational Model of the Cardiovascular System

Gohean, Jeffrey R.; George, Mitchell J.; Chang, Kay-Won; More

ASAIO Journal. 61(3):259-265, May/June 2015.

Left Ventricular Volume Unloading with Axial and Centrifugal Rotary Blood Pumps

Giridharan, Guruprasad A.; Koenig, Steven C.; Soucy, Kevin G.; More

ASAIO Journal. 61(3):292-300, May/June 2015.

Hemodynamic Effects of Left Atrial or Left Ventricular Cannulation for Acute Circulatory Support in a Bovine Model of Left Heart Injury

Kapur, Navin K.; Paruchuri, Vikram; Pham, Duc Thinh; More

ASAIO Journal. 61(3):301-306, May/June 2015.

Hemodynamic Monitoring of Large Animal Chronic Studies After Median Sternotomy: Experiences With Different Telemetric Physiological Devices

Fujii, Yasuhiro; Pitsillides, Koullis; Ferro, Giuseppe; More

ASAIO Journal. 61(3):332-338, May/June 2015.

  • Conference Article

Use of HFPV for Adults with ARDS: The Protocolized Use of High-Frequency Percussive Ventilation for Adults with Acute Respiratory Failure Treated with Extracorporeal Membrane...

Michaels, Andrew J.; Hill, Jon G.; Sperley, Bernie P.; More

ASAIO Journal. 61(3):345-349, May/June 2015.

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