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November-December 2006 - Volume 52 - Issue 6
pp: 611-717,e1-e47

Progress in the Development of the DexAide Right Ventricular Assist Device

Fukamachi, Kiyotaka; Ootaki, Yoshio; Horvath, David J.; More

ASAIO Journal. 52(6):630-633, November-December 2006.

Role of Free Hemoglobin in 8-Iso Prostaglandin F2-Alpha Synthesis in Chronic Renal Failure and Its Impact on CD163-Hb Scavenger Receptor and on Coronary Artery Endothelium

Simoni, Jan; Simoni, Grace; Griswold, John A.; More

ASAIO Journal. 52(6):652-661, November-December 2006.

Early Hemodynamic Improvement Is a Prognostic Marker in Patients Treated With Continuous CVVHDF for Acute Renal Failure

Herrera-Gutiérrez, Manuel E.; Seller-Pérez, Gemma; Lebrón-Gallardo, Miguel; More

ASAIO Journal. 52(6):670-676, November-December 2006.

Initial Experience With the Development and Numerical and In Vitro Studies of A Novel Low-Pressure Artificial Right Ventricle for Pediatric Fontan Patients

Wang, Rui; Lacour-Gayet, Francois G.; Lanning, Craig J.; More

ASAIO Journal. 52(6):682-692, November-December 2006.

Effect of Direct Hemoperfusion With a Polymyxin B Immobilized Fiber Column on High Mobility Group Box-1 (HMGB-1) in Severe Septic Shock: Report of a Case

Sakamoto, Yuichiro; Mashiko, Kunihiro; Matsumoto, Hisashi; More

ASAIO Journal. 52(6):e37-e39, November-December 2006.