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Chronic Ovine Studies Demonstrate Low Thromboembolic Risk in the Penn State Infant Ventricular Assist Device

Lukic, Branka; Clark, J. Brian; Izer, Jenelle M.; More

ASAIO Journal. 65(4):371-379, May/June 2019.

The Utility of a Wireless Implantable Hemodynamic Monitoring System in Patients Requiring Mechanical Circulatory Support

Feldman, David S.; Moazami, Nader; Adamson, Philip B.; More

ASAIO Journal. 64(3):301-308, May/June 2018.

Interpreting Neurologic Outcomes in a Changing Trial Design Landscape: An Analysis of HeartWare Left Ventricular Assist Device Using a Hybrid Intention to Treat Population

Mahr, Claudius; Thinh Pham, Duc; Mokadam, Nahush A.; More

ASAIO Journal. 65(3):293-296, March/April 2019.

Role of Thromboelastography Platelet Mapping and International Normalized Ratio in Defining “Normocoagulability” During Anticoagulation for Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices: A Pilot Retrospective Study

Volod, Oksana; Lam, Lee D.; Lin, Gloria; More

ASAIO Journal. 63(1):24-31, January/February 2017.

EC-VAD: Combined Use of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation and Percutaneous Microaxial Pump Left Ventricular Assist Device

Akanni, Olutosin J.; Takeda, Koji; Truby, Lauren K.; More

ASAIO Journal. 65(3):219-226, March/April 2019.

Shear-Mediated Platelet Activation Enhances Thrombotic Complications in Patients With LVADs and Is Reversed After Heart Transplantation

Consolo, Filippo; Sferrazza, Giulia; Motolone, Giulia; More

ASAIO Journal. 65(4):e33-e35, May/June 2019.

HeartMate III: Pump Design for a Centrifugal LVAD with a Magnetically Levitated Rotor

Bourque, Kevin; Gernes, David B.; Loree, Howard M. II; More

ASAIO Journal. 47(4):401-405, July 2001.

Individualized Biventricular Epicardial Augmentation Technology in a Drug-Induced Porcine Failing Heart Model

Jagschies, Lasse; Hirschvogel, Marc; Matallo, Jose; More

ASAIO Journal. 64(4):480-488, July/August 2018.

Rapid Development and Implementation of an ECMO Program

Moll, Vanessa; Teo, Elrond Y.L.; Grenda, David S.; More

ASAIO Journal. 62(3):354-358, May/June 2016.

Association of Inflow Cannula Position with Left Ventricular Unloading and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with HeartMate II Left Ventricular Assist Device

Imamura, Teruhiko; Nguyen, Ann; Chung, Ben; More

ASAIO Journal. 65(4):331-335, May/June 2019.

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in a Pediatric Patient with Hepatopulmonary Syndrome and Interrupted Inferior Vena Cava After Living Related Liver Donation

Phillips, Michael R.; Priest, Marc; Beaty, Christopher; More

ASAIO Journal. 65(3):e27-e29, March/April 2019.

Outcomes and Predictors of Early Mortality After Continuous-Flow Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation as a Bridge to Transplantation

Sabashnikov, Anton; Mohite, Prashant N.; Zych, Bartlomiej; More

ASAIO Journal. 60(2):162-169, March/April 2014.