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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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Creator: Pablo S Huang Zhang
Duration: 0:17
Journal: ASAIO Journal
Top view of the intensity topography maps (i-Maps) depicting washout patterns of Valve 1 and Valve 2. The brighter color denotes higher DBCS concentrations, while the darker blue denotes lower or absence of DBCS. Note: The bright “sun-spot” that remains in the intensity plots after washout is a reflection artifact resulting from the microscope illumination.
Creator: Richard Malinauskas PhD
Duration: 0:38
Journal: ASAIO Journal
At test condition 5, the outlet jet in the exit diffuser was skewed toward the outer wall in all four data sets. This asymmetry created a large recirculation region near the inner wall of the pump diffuser. Video demonstrates the exit jet and recirculating flow pattern.
Creator: Andreas Schaefer
Duration: 0:03
Journal: ASAIO Journal
After balloon postdilation, fluoroscopy and echocardiography confirmed an adequate position and function of the THV without transvalvular (TVL) and trace paravalvular leakage (PVL).