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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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Creator: Pablo S Huang Zhang
Duration: 0:17
Top view of the intensity topography maps (i-Maps) depicting washout patterns of Valve 1 and Valve 2. The brighter color denotes higher DBCS concentrations, while the darker blue denotes lower or absence of DBCS. Note: The bright “sun-spot” that remains in the intensity plots after washout is a reflection artifact resulting from the microscope illumination.
Creator: Patrick M. McGah
Duration: 0:05
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Unsteady heparin concentration vs. time on a 2D plane through the center of a central venous catheter. The concentration is computed using a 3D computational fluid dynamics model. The simulated time of the movie is 1 second. Recall that 1 kg/m3 of heparin is about 500 U/mL