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2006 ASAIO Journal Report

Zwischenberger, Joseph B. Editor; Littleton, Betty L. Managing Editor

doi: 10.1097/01.mat.0000249012.24812.dd

Under the leadership of President Stephen Ash and the Board of Trustees, the ASAIO Journal has moved forward in many areas this year as we continue to pursue the major goal of becoming the foremost journal in the field of artificial organ research. This is only possible through the cooperative efforts of authors, reviewers, sections editors, members, and our publisher. Our heartfelt appreciation is extended to all who support ASAIO and the Journal as we report our activities for the year.

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Advance Table of Contents (eTOC) and Advance Online Articles (ePub)

Early in the year, subscribers were advised of the advance availability of the Table of Contents for an upcoming Journal issue. Those who register for eTOC receive the Table of contents 1 week to 10 days in advance of the print copy, which alerts them to any articles pertaining to their particular areas of research. Click on eAlerts on the Journal web site to register for this service.

Launching of Advance Online Articles with this issue (November-December 2006) greatly enhances timely access to cutting edge research reported in the ASAIO Journal. Since the Journal is published bi-monthly, there is a lag time between acceptance and publication. Now, as soon as a manuscript is accepted for publication, it will be edited by the Managing Editor and uploaded to Advance Online Articles (see tab on Journal website). These articles are considered published and may be cited by authors/researchers.

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Manuscript Submissions

With four months remaining until the end of the year, we have received l77 new manuscripts for 2006, which is two less than we received during the entire year of 2005. Today, we have 32 manuscripts out for review and 65 out for revision.

The International Conference on Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems and Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Perfusion has become a major source of manuscripts. The July-August issue featured the Meeting Summary, Oral Presentations, and Abstracts from the 5th European Symposium on Perfluorocarbon Application and Liquid Ventilation held March 17 to 18, 2006, in Milano, Italy. In this issue, we have included the Report of The First Annual Charleston Bioprinting Symposium, which was organized by the Bioprinting Research Center of the Medical University of South Carolina and convened July 21, 2006, in Charleston, South Carolina. We look forward to receiving manuscripts from these groups.

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Manuscript Review Process

Although turnaround time is not as quick during the summer months, we are generally holding to a 15- to 20-day first review. The Editorial Manager system has helped tremendously to facilitate the review process. There is an ever-increasing need for reviewers, and anyone interested in serving as a reviewer is urged to contact the Editorial Office.

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Highlights of 2006 Journal Meeting

Manuscript Acceptance Criteria

An ongoing issue discussed by meeting participants is whether the ASAIO Journal should continue to publish preliminary and somewhat immature reports. General agreement was reached that, since the ASAIO Journal primarily falls within the research and development category among the journals, it should continue in the niche that has developed over the years. Dr. Zwischenberger stated that, while we are increasing our rejection rate, we will still accept manuscripts that contain a “kernel” of innovation. Comment was made about the importance of giving the young investigators and small groups a voice and venue for reporting their work. More attention should be paid to whether a full manuscript is warranted in cases such as feasibility studies, one-animal studies, and slight improvements in existing devices. Also, the authors must make a clear connection to artificial organs or their extracorporeal counterparts.

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Section Name Changes

To be more representative of the areas of research reported in the Journal, the following section names were voted on and accepted: Adult Mechanical Circulatory Support, Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials, Clinical Cardiovascular/Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Clinical Critical Care/Monitoring/Instrumentation, Kidney Support/Dialysis/Vascular Access, Respiratory Support, Liver/Pancreas Support, Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support, Project Bionics, Tissue Engineering/Tissue Regeneration.

Use of the new section names begins with this issue. Appropriate changes are being made to the editorial manager system.

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Publication Schedule and Page Limits

A Publication Committee was appointed by the Board of Trustees to help determine the future direction of the Journal with regard to publication schedule and page limits.

After discussions between the committee members, Editorial Office staff, and publisher, a decision was made to continue to publish six issues annually. The new Advance Articles Online will help alleviate the major concern of the prolonged time between acceptance and publication of articles. The issue of going to monthly publication will, of course, be revisited as submissions increase and the backlog of articles reaches a higher level.

It was decided to remain at the currently contracted 133 pages per issue to stay within the Journal-approved budget. Case reports and other miscellaneous submissions will now appear online only – not in the print version.

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Membership Requirements

Following discussion, it was agreed that Section Editors and Editorial Board members should be members of the Society. Profiles will be updated in the Editorial Manager system accordingly.

In summary, we appreciate everyone’s support and participation and look forward to another successful year.

Copyright © 2006 by the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs