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Miller, Richard H1; Safta, Stefan A2; Hallab, Amine A2; Patzer, John F II3

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Detoxification support for liver failure patients by dialysis against albumin-containing dialysate (bound solute dialysis or BSD) has shown clinical potential. Theoretical and experimental analysis of BSD indicates that it can be effective at as little as 0.2% human serum albumin (HSA), making it possible to practice BSD with readily available dialysis equipment in single pass by adding commercially available 25% HSA to the dialysate. Since optimal dialysis performance requires well-mixed dialysate, two factors mitigate against directly metering HSA into the dialysate: laminar flow profile in the dialysate, and density segregation between the HSA concentrate and the dialysate solution. A static mixer was designed to promote mixing of HSA into dialysate. Photography was used to highlight flow patterns in both the mixer and dialysis cartridge as a function of the number of static mixer elements and Reynold’s number. We found that a Kenix® type mixer with 18 segments was sufficient to well-mix a stream of dialysate with HSA. The pressure drop across a prototype device remained below 10mmHg for flow rates common to dialysis. We have designed the device so that it can be inserted into the dialysate flow upstream of the dialyzer. The static mixer accomplishes several goals: (1) it provides a well-mixed dialysate/HSA solution; (2) it provides a port for metering HSA into the dialysate; (3) it has minimal pressure drop so that it can be used with available dialysis equipment.

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