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Abstracts: ASAIO Cardiac Abstracts


Topaz, Stephen R1; Topaz, Peter A1; Shen, Paul2; Dharmagita, A2; Shen, Demin2

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The Mono-Port ventricle is a polyurethane vacuumed formed ventricle designed on the principles developed in Dr. Kolff’s laboratory. The device has no valves, pumps 80cc per stroke and has a dead volume of 26cc. The inlet outlet port has been placed off-center to insure a circular blood flow in the ventricle. The over all dimensions of the device are: 85 mm diameter, 36 mm height and weighs 57 gms. The device is heparin coated on the blood surfaces for thrombus reduction and heparin coated on the outside to reduce tissue adherence. The device is placed in the upper right chest and is connected to the ascending aorta with a simple curved cannular. The driver for the device is a standard IABP driver. The Mono-Port Ventricle has three functions, support the ailing heart, improve the cardiovascular system and exercise the heart after the stem cells have been placed. The device has been implanted in calves.

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