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Yambe, Tomoyuki1; Takagi, Toshyuki2; Asano, Eishi3

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20% of the patients with epilepsy cannot be controlled by the medication, so, surgical resection must be considered. In this study, new artificial organ for the monitoring and control of the brain function was proposed. For the monitoring of the brain function, we had invented new DLC sensor. Biocompatibility is so efficient and it is very thin film, so we can easily apply it as the implantable sensors. Animal experiments using healthy adult goats were performed and we could record the temperature of the brain surface. For the diagnosis of the epilepsy focus, implantable electrodes for multi channel EEG recording was used. However, electric wire penetrated the skin, so, there was a risk of infection. In our system, multi channel DLC nano sensor was implanted and information from brain was recorded from the TETS and TITS. Animal experiments were performed and satisfactory performance were observed. In the several previous reports, seizure attack could be controlled by the cooling. We had developed the focal cooling machine by adopting the Peltier element. By adopting this system, we can control seizure attack by the implantable device. Animal experiments using healthy adult goats were performed and effective cooling was observed. When the epilepsy attack was prevented by the implantable DLC nano sensing units, the diagnose program check the seizure and Focal cooling machine control the attack automatically in our concept. Furthermore, this concept may be useful when we consider the higher dimensional brain functional monitoring and control.

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