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Yambe, T1; Shiraishi, Y1; Tabayashi, K2; Nitta, S1

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Recently, cardiovascular events including ischemic heart diseases have been on the rise in Japan. What kind of assistance can be provided to patients with congestive heart failure? This assistance should focus on the contraction of myocardium. To achieve this objective, we have initiated the ARTIFICIAL MYOCARDIUM development project. In the first step, the satisfactory cardiac supporting effect of the pneumatic artificial myocardium was confirmed by the animal experiment. Next, the development of an implantable type device commenced. The artificial myocardium development using a ball screw motor was completed. We also planned the development of an electrohydraulic driving system. The drive system was equipped between ribs. Energy was supplied by a transcutaneous energy transmission system from the outside of the body. In this study, the supporting effect of an electrohydraulic artificial myocardium (EHAM) was evaluated in an experimental heart failure model. Ischemic heart failure was experimentally induced by the coronary ligation based on the Korean group. Firstly, we ligated the left anterior descending artery, and subsequently the 1st diagonal was ligated. EHAM was started for providing assistance after the induction of the ischemic heart failure. EHAM was attached to the left ventricle and fixed with banding. The results showed that a satisfactory supporting effect was observed during the EHAM assistance. Hemodynamic parameters returned to their normal range during the EHAM assistance. The results suggested the clinical feasibility of our devices.

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