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Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Surgeons (MAPS)

MAPS is an association of individual pediatric surgeons of the Mediterranean Area. There are three main goals:
1. to maintain and promote high clinical standards of surgical care for pediatric and adolescent patients in all Mediterranean Countries;
2. to discover, disseminate and apply new knowledge; and
3. to follow the highest clinical standards within the field of pediatric surgery.

Pan-African Pediatric Surgical Association (PAPSA)

PAPSA is committed to:
1. the promotion, practice, education and advancement of pediatric surgery in Africa;
2. the promotion and maintenance of high clinical and ethical research standards;
3. fostering the development of pediatric surgery in underprivileged areas in Africa;
4. the evaluation and execution of goal directed research; and
5. the establishment of a forum for communications between pediatric surgeons in Africa and internationally through scientific meetings, workshops, websites and scholarships.

The Egyptian Pediatric Surgical Association (EPSA)

EPSA is one of the oldest scientific medical associations in modern Egypt (founded in 1980). The progress of the scientific and social activities of EPSA was slow at the beginning and it was primarily linked to the Egyptian Society of Surgeons. The last decade has seen a revolution in the activities of EPSA. The previous name (Egyptian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, EAPS) and logo of the association have been replaced by the more easily pronounced name (EPSA) and a genuine Egyptian logo was designed in 2000. The main function of EPSA is to promote the progress of practice, education and research of pediatric surgery in Egypt and surrounding regional countries.

Arab Association of Pediatric Surgeons (AAPS)


AAPS is an association of all the Arab national pediatric surgical societies. AAPS was established in 1986 with the following aims:
1. to strengthen the ties and enhance the communications between all pediatric surgical societies and individual pediatric surgeons in the Arab world; and
2. to promote high quality practice, education, and research of pediatrics in all Arab Countries.