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August 2016 - Volume 24 - Issue 7
pp: 459-534,e50-e68

Molecular Genetic Alterations in Renal Cell Carcinomas With Tubulocystic Pattern: Tubulocystic Renal Cell Carcinoma, Tubulocystic Renal Cell Carcinoma With Heterogenous Component and Familial Leiomyomatosis-associated Renal Cell Carcinoma. Clinicopathologic and Molecular Genetic Analysis of 15 Cases

Ulamec, Monika; Skenderi, Faruk; Zhou, Ming; More

Applied Immunohistochemistry & Molecular Morphology. 24(7):521-530, August 2016.

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Comprehensive Immunophenotypic Characterization of Adult and Fetal Testes, the Excretory Duct System, and Testicular and Epididymal Appendages

Magers, Martin J.; Udager, Aaron M.; Chinnaiyan, Arul M.; More

Applied Immunohistochemistry & Molecular Morphology. 24(7):e50-e68, August 2016.