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Welcome to Annals of Surgery Open:  Perspectives on Surgical History, Education, and Clinical Approaches.  Since 1885, Annals of Surgery has been the premier peer-reviewed medical journal of surgical sciences and practice.  For decades Annals has been the leader in terms of publishing the highest quality papers with the greatest impact across all aspects of surgery.  The current explosion of medical knowledge has reached the point where Annals of Surgery has been overwhelmed with excellent content and can no longer publish all of the great papers that are submitted.  In addition, the world has changed with the demand for rapid open access publication into the surgical literature is now expected.

Considering these factors, Annals of Surgery and our publisher, Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams + Wilkins has created an alternative mechanism for publication to meet these demands.  Annals of Surgery Open: Perspectives on Surgical History, Education and Clinical Approaches will be an open-access, peer-reviewed, international journal which, although reporting on all areas of surgery, will focus primarily on interesting and important education and historical perspectives.  We hope that this journal will complement the original Annals of Surgery and allow for our message and impact be more widely disseminated.  We encourage you to consider submitting your best work.

Keith D. Lillemoe, MD
Annals of Surgery
Annals of Surgery Open