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The Indian Academy of Maxillofacial Surgery, founded in the year 1996, is brain child of Prof. J.N. Khanna, Dr. Rajesh Dhirawani and many more like minded people.

The objectives of the Academy in short are:

  • To conduct Maxillofacial surgical camps all over the country.
  • To give free treatment to the patients in the field of maxillofacial surgery
  • To spread the clinical knowledge of maxillofacial surgery students, where they will be sponsored to work in established maxillofacial surgery units in India and abroad
  • The Academy has renowned and experienced national and international faculty who excel in academics, maxillofacial surgery and research.
  • The Academy objectives include more intensive training program in the form of workshops. Academy would conduct these workshops all over the country
  • This is a teaching facility with the above mentioned objectives as well as a platform to facilitate exchange of knowledge.
  • Today the academy stands tall after ten long years. After the 14th workshop, it is going stronger and stronger drawing more attention more like mined people. It is endeavor of the academy to make the young surgeons of the country to excel in their specialty thereby achieving the status of being the best in the world and to serve the mass.

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