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June 2020 - Volume 31 - Issue 5
pp: 431-544

Investigation of the cytotoxic activity of two novel digitoxigenin analogues on H460 lung cancer cells

Boff, Laurita; Persich, Lara; Brambila, Paula; More

Anti-Cancer Drugs. 31(5):452-462, June 2020.

Tumor uptake and associated greater efficacy of anti-Her2 immunoliposome does not rely on Her2 expression status: study of a docetaxel-trastuzumab immunoliposome on Her2+ breast cancer model (SKBR3)

Rodallec, Anne; Sicard, Guillaume; Giacometti, Sarah; More

Anti-Cancer Drugs. 31(5):463-472, June 2020.

Outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma patients undergoing sorafenib treatment: toxicities, cellular oxidative stress, treatment adherence, and quality of life

Baldan Ferrari, Graziele; Coelho França Quintanilha, Júlia; Berlofa Visacri, Marília; More

Anti-Cancer Drugs. 31(5):523-527, June 2020.

Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors plus aromatase inhibitor in first-line treatment hormone-receptor–positive/HER2-negative advanced breast cancer women with or without visceral disease: time to turn page?

Nigro, Olga; Marrazzo, Cristina; Gallerani, Elisa; More

Anti-Cancer Drugs. 31(5):528-532, June 2020.