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Articles by Fariba Némati

A preclinical therapeutic schedule optimizing docetaxel plus estramustine administration in prostate cancer

Dahmani, Ahmed; de Plater, Ludmilla; Guyader, Charlotte; More

Anti-Cancer Drugs. 21(10):927-931, November 2010.

Clinical relevance of human cancer xenografts as a tool for preclinical assessment: example of in-vivo evaluation of topotecan-based chemotherapy in a panel of human small-cell lung cancer xenografts

Némati, Fariba; Daniel, Catherine; Arvelo, Francisco; More

Anti-Cancer Drugs. 21(1):25-32, January 2010.

Preclinical assessment of cisplatin-based therapy versus docetaxel-based therapy on a panel of human non-small-cell lung cancer xenografts

Némati, Fariba; Bras-Gonçalves, Rui; Fontaine, Jean-Jacques; More

Anti-Cancer Drugs. 20(10):932-940, November 2009.

High efficacy of combined rituximab and gemcitabine on Epstein–Barr virus-associated human B-cell lymphoma obtained after Hodgkin's xenograft in immunodeficient mice

Decaudin, Didier; Marszak, Fanny Baran; Couturier, Jérôme; More

Anti-Cancer Drugs. 17(6):685-695, July 2006.