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July 2007 - Volume 59 - Issue 1
pp: 1-117

Marriage of Hard and Soft Tissues of the Face Revisited: When Distraction Meets Microsurgery

Spector, Jason A.; Warren, Stephen M.; Singh, Sunil P.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):1-5, July 2007.

Evolution of Operative Techniques for the Treatment of Single-Suture Metopic Synostosis

Selber, Jesse; Reid, Russell R.; Gershman, Borris; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):6-13, July 2007.

Gustilo Grade IIIB Tibial Fractures Requiring Microvascular Free Flaps: External Fixation Versus Intramedullary Rod Fixation

Rohde, Christine; Greives, Matthew R.; Cetrulo, Curtis; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):14-17, July 2007.

The Fate of Lower Extremities With Failed Free Flaps: A Single Institution's Experience Over 25 Years

Culliford, Alfred T. IV; Spector, Jason; Blank, Alan; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):18-22, July 2007.

Delayed Division of the Thoracodorsal Nerve: A Useful Adjunct in Breast Reconstruction

Halperin, Terri J.; Fox, Sharon E.; Caterson, Stephanie A.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):23-25, July 2007.

Salvage of Exposed Implantable Cardiac Electrical Devices and Lead Systems With Pocket Change and Local Flap Coverage

Kolker, Adam R.; Redstone, Jeremiah S.; Tutela, John P.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):26-30, July 2007.

The Effect of Postoperative Anticoagulation on Microvascular Thrombosis

Ashjian, Peter; Chen, Constance M.; Pusic, Andrea; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):36-40, July 2007.

Scar Lymphedema: Fact or Fiction?

Warren, Anne G.; Slavin, Sumner A.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):41-45, July 2007.

Human Shaped Thumb Bone Tissue Engineered by Hydrogel-β-Tricalciumphosphate/Poly-ε-Caprolactone Scaffolds and Magnetically Sorted Stem Cells

Weinand, Christian; Gupta, Rajiv; Weinberg, Eli; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):46-52, July 2007.

Wound Education: American Medical Students Are Inadequately Trained in Wound Care

Patel, Nima P.; Granick, Mark S.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):53-55, July 2007.

Anatomic Variation and Asymmetry in Female Anterior Thoracic Contour: An Analysis of 50 Consecutive Computed Tomography Scans

Hirsch, Elliot M.; Brody, Garry S.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):73-77, July 2007.

Comparison of Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction After Skin-Sparing or Conventional Mastectomy in Patients Receiving Preoperative Radiation Therapy

Chang, Eric I.; Ly, Daphne P.; Wey, Philip D.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):78-81, July 2007.

The Use of Color Doppler Ultrasound in the Assessment of Vessels for Facial Transplantation

Renshaw, Anthony; Whitwell, Kerrie A.; Berger, Leslie; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):82-86, July 2007.

Nerve Sources for Facial Reanimation With Muscle Transplant in Patients With Unilateral Facial Palsy: Clinical Analysis of 3 Techniques

Faria, Jose Carlos M.; Scopel, Gean P.; Busnardo, Fabio F.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):87-91, July 2007.

Penile Reconstruction by the Free Scapular Flap and Malleable Penis Prosthesis

Yang, Mingyong; Zhao, Muxin; Li, Senkai; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(1):95-101, July 2007.