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May 2007 - Volume 58 - Issue 5
pp: 469-593

An Objective Assessment of Botulinum Toxin A Effect on Superficial Skin Texture

Dessy, Luca Andrea; Mazzocchi, Marco; Rubino, Corrado; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):469-473, May 2007.

Botulinum Toxin in Closed Treatment of Mandibular Condylar Fracture

Canter, Halil Ibrahim; Kayikcioglu, Aycan; Aksu, Muge; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):474-478, May 2007.

Flap Choices to Treat Complex Severe Postburn Hand Contracture

Ülkür, Ersin; Uygur, Fatih; Karagöz, Huseyin; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):479-483, May 2007.

The Suzuki Frame for Complex Intra-articular Fractures of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint of the Fingers

Keramidas, Evangelos; Solomos, Markos; Page, Robert E.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):484-488, May 2007.

Avoiding Pitfalls of the Pins and Rubbers Traction Technique for Fractures of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint

Agarwal, Anil K.; Karri, Vasu; Pickford, Mark A.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):489-495, May 2007.

Freestyle Perforator-Based V-Y Advancement Flap for Reconstruction of Soft Tissue Defects at Various Anatomic Regions

Yildirim, Serkan; Taylan, Gaye; Aköz, Tayfun

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):501-506, May 2007.

Our Experience in Lower Limb Reconstruction With Perforator Flaps

Masia, Jaume; Moscatiello, Fabrizio; Pons, Gemma; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):507-512, May 2007.

The Reverse Sural Fasciomusculocutaneous “Mega-High” Flap: A Study of 20 Consecutive Flaps for Lower-Limb Reconstruction

Al-Qattan, M M.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):513-516, May 2007.

An Anatomic Study and Clinical Application of Medial Pedis Flap in Asians

Yoon, Eul-Sik; Kim, Deok-Woo; Chun, Daniel; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):517-522, May 2007.

Prognostic Factors in Necrotizing Fasciitis and Myositis: Analysis of 16 Consecutive Cases at a Single Institution in Switzerland

Rieger, Ulrich M.; Gugger, Christine Y.; Farhadi, Jian; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):523-530, May 2007.

Use of the Internal Mammary Vessels as Recipient Vessels for an Omental Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction

Yagi, Shunjiro; Kamei, Yuzuru; Fujimoto, Yasushi; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):531-535, May 2007.

Efficacy of Negative Pressure Therapy to Enhance Take of 1-Stage Allodermis and a Split-Thickness Graft

Kim, Eun Key; Hong, Joon Pio

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):536-540, May 2007.

The Use of Bioimpedance Analysis to Evaluate Lymphedema

Warren, Anne G.; Janz, Brian A.; Slavin, Sumner A.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):541-543, May 2007.

New Technique of Total Phalloplasty With Reinnervated Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Free Flap in Female-to-Male Transsexuals

Vesely, Jiri; Hyza, Petr; Ranno, Raul; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):544-550, May 2007.

A Randomized, Controlled, Double-Blind Study Evaluating Melanin-Encapsulated Liposomes as a Chromophore for Laser Hair Removal of Blond, White, and Gray Hair

Sand, Michael; Bechara, Falk Georges; Sand, Daniel; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):551-554, May 2007.

V.A.C. Therapy Normalizes Vascular Response of Injured Tissue in Full-Thickness Wounds in Rabbits

Kilpadi, Deepak V.; Feeley, Teri D.; Kiel, Jeffrey W.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):555-560, May 2007.

Combined Bone Allograft and Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Autograft in a Rabbit Model

Follmar, Keith E.; Prichard, Heather L.; DeCroos, Francis C.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):561-565, May 2007.

Comparison of Various Methods and Materials for Treatment of Skin Laceration by a 3-Dimensional Measuring Technique in a Pig Experiment

Zeplin, Philip H.; Schmidt, Karsten; Laske, Martin; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(5):566-572, May 2007.