March 2005 - Volume 54 - Issue 3 : Annals of Plastic Surgery

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March 2005 - Volume 54 - Issue 3
pp: 225-341

Preliminary (3 Years) Experience With Smooth Wall Silicone Gel Implants for Primary Breast Augmentation

Seify, Hisham; Sullivan, Kelly; Hester, T Roderick

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):231-235, March 2005.

A Comparison of the LeJour and Wise Pattern Methods of Breast Reduction

Kreithen, Joshua; Caffee, Hollis; Rosenberg, Jason; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):236-241, March 2005.

Infonomics and Breast Reconstruction: Are Patients Using the Internet?

Losken, Albert; Burke, Renee; Elliott, L Franklyn II; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):247-250, March 2005.

Secondary Endoscopic Forehead Lift in Patients With Previous Coronal Brow Lifts

de la Torre, Jorge I.; Paulsen, Stephen M.; Decordier, Benoit; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):251-255, March 2005.

Levator Anguli Oris: A Cadaver Study Implicating Its Role in Perioral Rejuvenation

Ewart, Christopher J.; Jaworski, Nikki B.; Rekito, Andrew J.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):260-263, March 2005.

Comorbidity Trends in Patients Requiring Sternectomy and Reconstruction

Ahumada, Leonik A.; de la Torre, Jorge I.; Ray, Peter D.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):264-268, March 2005.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Abdominal Wall Reconstruction After Decompressive Laparotomy for Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

Hultman, C Scott; Pratt, Broc; Cairns, Bruce A.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):269-275, March 2005.

Reconstruction of Limited Soft-Tissue Defect With Open Tibial Fracture in the Distal Third of the Leg: A Cost and Outcome Study

Thornton, Brian P.; Rosenblum, William J.; Pu, Lee L. Q.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):276-280, March 2005.

STARplasty for Reconstruction of the Burned Web Space: Introduction of an Alternative Technique for the Correction of Dorsal Neosyndactyly

Hultman, C Scott; Teotia, Sumeet; Calvert, Catherine; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):281-287, March 2005.

The Viability of Fatty Tissues Within Adipose Aspirates After Conventional Liposuction: A Comprehensive Study

Pu, Lee L. Q.; Cui, Xiangdong; Fink, Betsy F.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):288-292, March 2005.

Halofuginone Inhibits Collagen Deposition in Fibrous Capsules Around Implants

Olbrich, Kevin C.; Meade, Ricardo; Bruno, William; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):293-296, March 2005.

The Use of a Bovine Collagen Construct for Reconstruction of Full-Thickness Scalp Defects in the Elderly Patient With Cutaneous Malignancy

Wilensky, Jonathan S.; Rosenthal, Andrew H.; Bradford, Carol R.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):297-301, March 2005.

Enhanced Survival Using the Distally Based Sural Artery Interpolation Flap

Maffi, Terry R.; Knoetgen, James III; Turner, Norman S.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):302-305, March 2005.

A New Anatomical Repair Method for the Treatment of Ingrown Nail: Prospective Comparison of Wedge Resection of the Matrix and Partial Matricectomy Followed by Lateral Fold Advancement Flap

Çöloglu, Harun; Koçer, Ugur; Sungur, Nezih; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):306-311, March 2005.

The Expression of Proinflammatory Cytokines in the Rat Muscle Flap With Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

Zhang, Feng; Hu, Eric C.; Gerzenshtein, Jacob; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(3):313-317, March 2005.