July 2003 - Volume 51 - Issue 1 : Annals of Plastic Surgery

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July 2003 - Volume 51 - Issue 1
pp: 1-113

Sensibility of the Breast After Reduction Mammaplasty

Ferreira, Marcus Castro; Costa, Márcio Paulino; Cunha, Marcelo Sacramento; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):1-5, July 2003.

Abdominoplasty Repair for Abdominal Wall Hernias

Robertson, J. Douglas; de la Torre, Jorge I.; Gardner, Paul M.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):10-16, July 2003.

Distal Trapezius Musculocutaneous Flap for Upper Thoracic Back Wounds Associated With Spinal Instrumentation and Radiation

Chun, Jin K.; Lynch, Matthew J.; Poultsides, George A.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):17-22, July 2003.

The Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator Flap: Anatomic Basis and Clinical Application

Heitmann, Christoph; Guerra, Aldo; Metzinger, Stephan W.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):23-29, July 2003.

New Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap With a Short Pedicle for Reconstruction of Defects in the Upper Extremities

Koshima, Isao; Nanba, Yuzaburo; Tsutsui, Tetsuya; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):30-36, July 2003.

Soft-Tissue Reconstruction Using a Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap: Experience With 28 Patients

Yildirim, Serkan; Avci, Gülden; Aköz, Tayfun

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):37-44, July 2003.

Treatment of Painful Neuroma by Resection and Nerve Stump Transplantation Into a Vein

Koch, Horst; Haas, Franz; Hubmer, Martin; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):45-50, July 2003.

Reconstruction of Fingertip and Stump Using a Composite Graft From the Hypothenar Region

Hong, Joon Pio; Lee, Sung-Jun; Lee, Hoon-Bum; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):57-62, July 2003.

Vascular Anatomy of the Metacarpal Bones and the Interosseous Muscles

Uysal, Ahmet Çagr; Alagöz, Murat Sahin; Tüccar, Eray; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):63-68, July 2003.

Superficial Femoral Lymph Node Dissection After Positive Sentinel Lymphadenectomy for Early-Stage Melanoma of the Lower Extremity

Pu, Lee L.Q.; Cruse, C. Wayne; Wells, Karen E.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):69-76, July 2003.

Regeneration of the Mandibular Head From Grafted Periosteum

Ueno, Takaaki; Kagawa, Toshimasa; Fukunaga, Jyoji; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):77-83, July 2003.

Late Remote Ischemic Preconditioning in Rat Muscle and Adipocutaneous Flap Models

Küntscher, Markus V.; Kastell, Thomas; Engel, Holger; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 51(1):84-90, July 2003.