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Immediate Enhancement of Nerve Function Using a Novel Axonal Fusion Device After Neurotmesis

Riley, David Colton; Boyer, Richard B.; Deister, Curt A.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 79(6):590-599, December 2017.

AeroForm Patient Controlled Tissue Expansion and Saline Tissue Expansion for Breast Reconstruction: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Zeidler, Kamakshi R.; Berkowitz, R. Laurence; Chun, Yoon S.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 72:S51-S55, May 2014.

The Cellular Plasticity of Human Adipocytes

Tholpady, Sunil S.; Aojanepong, Chongdee; Llull, Ramon; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(6):651-656, June 2005.

Effect of Tension on Nerve Regeneration in Rat Sciatic Nerve Transection Model

Sunderland, Ian R.P.; Brenner, Michael J.; Singham, Janakie; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 53(4):382-387, October 2004.

Distally Based Sural Fasciomusculocutaneous Flap for Chronic Calcaneal Osteomyelitis in Diabetic Patients

Chen, Shao-Liang; Chen, Tim-Mo; Chou, Trong-Duo; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(1):44-48, January 2005.

Surgical Intervention and Capsular Contracture After Breast Augmentation: A Prospective Study of Risk Factors

Henriksen, Trine F.; Fryzek, Jon P.; Hölmich, Lisbet R.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 54(4):343-351, April 2005.

Revascularization of Human Acellular Dermis in Full-Thickness Abdominal Wall Reconstruction in the Rabbit Model

Menon, Nathan G.; Rodriguez, Eduardo D.; Byrnes, Colman K.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 50(5):523-527, May 2003.

Interim Analysis of a Prospective, Randomized Trial of Vacuum-Assisted Closure Versus the Healthpoint System in the Management of Pressure Ulcers

Ford, Christian N.; Reinhard, Elaine R.; Yeh, Daniel; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 49(1):55-61, July 2002.

Sprayed Cultured Epithelial Autografts for Deep Dermal Burns of the Face and Neck

Hartmann, Bernd; Ekkernkamp, Aline; Johnen, Christa; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 58(1):70-73, January 2007.

Stuck In a Moment: An Ex Ante Analysis of Patient Complaints in Plastic Surgery, Used to Predict Malpractice Risk Profiles, From a Large Cohort of Physicians in the Patient Advocacy Reporting System

Hultman, C. Scott; Gwyther, Robert; Saou, Michael A.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 74:S241-S246, June 2015.

Acellular Cadaveric Dermis (AlloDerm): A New Alternative for Abdominal Hernia Repair

Buinewicz, Brian; Rosen, Brent

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 52(2):188-194, February 2004.

Facial Attractiveness: Visual Impact of Symmetry Increases Significantly Towards the Midline

Springer, Ingo N.; Wannicke, Bjorn; Warnke, Patrick H.; More

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 59(2):156-162, August 2007.

Safe Abdominoplasty With Extensive Liposuctioning

Hafezi, Farhad; Nouhi, Amirhossein

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 57(2):149-153, August 2006.