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Metastatic Malignant Blue Nevus

A Case Report

Özgür, Figen MD; Akyürek, Mustafa MD; Kayikçioglu, Aycan MD; Bari$sLta, Ibrahim MD; Gököz, Aytaç MD

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Annals of Plastic Surgery 39(4):p 411-415, October 1997.


This report presents a 63-year-old Caucasian woman with a malignant blue nevus, which is an extremely rare form of melanoma originating from or associated with a preexisting blue nevus. The background blue nevus on the left upper arm, which had been present for 5 to 6 years, increased in size and darkened in color for 3 months prior to histological diagnosis of malignant blue nevus. Although the tumor looked much like a nodular melanoma clinically, the diagnosis of malignant blue nevus was established histologically. The patient had a poor outcome due to metastatic spread of the tumor to the visceral organs 1 year following the initial excision of the tumor. To distinguish this rare tumor from other melanocytic lesions, strict histological criteria are needed to make the diagnosis of malignant blue nevus. Differential diagnosis includes cellur blue nevus, atypical cellular blue nevus, primary malignant melanoma, and metastatic melanoma to the dermis. Malignant blue nevus is most commonly seen on the scalp. The tumor has an aggressive behavior and metastasizes in the majority of patients. This paper describes the second reported case of malignant blue nevus involving the upper arm. Clinical and histological features of this uncommon tumor are presented, along with a review of the literature.

Özgür F, Akyürek M, Kayikçioglu A, Barisa I, Gököz A, Metastatic malignant blue nevus: a case report.

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