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December 2014 - Volume 260 - Issue 6
pp: 947-1149

Pitfalls in Communication That Lead to Nonbeneficial Emergency Surgery in Elderly Patients With Serious Illness: Description of the Problem and Elements of a Solution

Cooper, Zara; Courtwright, Andrew; Karlage, Ami; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):949-957, December 2014.

The Initial Response to the Boston Marathon Bombing: Lessons Learned to Prepare for the Next Disaster

Gates, Jonathan D.; Arabian, Sandra; Biddinger, Paul; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):960-966, December 2014.

Statement on Surgical Preresidency Preparatory Courses

Association of Program Directors in Surgery, American Board of Surgery, American College of Surgeons, Association for Surgical Education

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):969-970, December 2014.

Patient Safety Begins With Me

Hanto, Douglas W.

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):971-972, December 2014.

The Misuse of the Terminology “Standard of Care” Hampers Innovations in Surgery

Shores, Jaimie T.; Javed, Ammar A.; Brandacher, Gerald; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):973-974, December 2014.

Systematic Review of the Impact of Surgical Harm on Quality of Life After General and Gastrointestinal Surgery

Bouras, George; Burns, Elaine Marie; Howell, Ann-Marie; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):975-983, December 2014.

The Effect of the Endoscopic Duodenal-Jejunal Bypass Liner on Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial

Koehestanie, Parviez; de Jonge, Charlotte; Berends, Frits J.; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):984-992, December 2014.

Perineal Transanal Approach: A New Standard for Laparoscopic Sphincter-Saving Resection in Low Rectal Cancer, a Randomized Trial

Denost, Quentin; Adam, Jean-Philippe; Rullier, Anne; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):993-999, December 2014.

Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy After Unilateral Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Fayanju, Oluwadamilola Motunaryo; Stoll, Carolyn R. T.; Fowler, Susan; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1000-1010, December 2014.

Standardized Practice Design With Electronic Support Mechanisms for Surgical Process Improvement: Reducing Mechanical Ventilation Time

Cook, David J.; Pulido, Juan N.; Thompson, Jeffrey E.; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1011-1015, December 2014.

What Should Be the Gold Standard for the Surgical Component in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer: Transthoracic Versus Transhiatal Esophagectomy

Kutup, Asad; Nentwich, Michael F.; Bollschweiler, Elfriede; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1016-1022, December 2014.

Signet Ring Cells in Esophageal and Gastroesophageal Junction Carcinomas Have a More Aggressive Biological Behavior

Nafteux, Philippe R.; Lerut, Toni E.; Villeneuve, Patrick J.; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1023-1029, December 2014.

Laparoscopic Wedge Fundectomy for Collis Gastroplasty Creation in Patients With a Foreshortened Esophagus

Zehetner, Jörg; DeMeester, Steven R.; Ayazi, Shahin; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1030-1033, December 2014.

Total Gastrectomy Risk Model: Data From 20,011 Japanese Patients in a Nationwide Internet-Based Database

Watanabe, Masayuki; Miyata, Hiroaki; Gotoh, Mitsukazu; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1034-1039, December 2014.

Early Complications After Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery: Results From the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry

Stenberg, Erik; Szabo, Eva; Ågren, Göran; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1040-1047, December 2014.

The Mesocolon: A Histological and Electron Microscopic Characterization of the Mesenteric Attachment of the Colon Prior to and After Surgical Mobilization

Culligan, Kevin; Walsh, Stewart; Dunne, Colum; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1048-1056, December 2014.

A Prospective Evaluation of the Ligation of the Intersphincteric Tract Procedure for Complex Anal Fistula in Patients With Crohn's Disease

Gingold, Daniel S.; Murrell, Zuri A.; Fleshner, Phillip R.

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1057-1061, December 2014.

The Roles of Lipocalin-2 in Small-for-Size Fatty Liver Graft Injury

Cheng, Qiao; Ng, Kevin T. P.; Xu, Aimin; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1062-1072, December 2014.

Sequential Occurrence of Preneoplastic Lesions and Accumulation of Loss of Heterozygosity in Patients With Gallbladder Stones Suggest Causal Association With Gallbladder Cancer

Jain, Kajal; Mohapatra, Trilochan; Das, Prasenjit; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1073-1080, December 2014.

Splenectomy and the Risk of Sepsis: A Population-Based Cohort Study

Edgren, Gustaf; Almqvist, Rikke; Hartman, Mikael; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1081-1087, December 2014.

Tumor-Associated Macrophages Are a Useful Biomarker to Predict Recurrence After Surgical Resection of Nonfunctional Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

Wei, Iris H.; Harmon, Charles M.; Arcerito, Massimo; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1088-1094, December 2014.

The Optimum Excision Margin and Regional Node Management for Primary Cutaneous T3 Melanomas (2–4 mm in Thickness): A Retrospective Study of 1587 Patients Treated at a Single Center

Lamboo, Lieke G. E.; Haydu, Lauren E.; Scolyer, Richard A.; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1095-1102, December 2014.

The Natural History and Effect of Resuscitation Ratio on Coagulation After Trauma: A Prospective Cohort Study

Kutcher, Matthew E.; Kornblith, Lucy Z.; Vilardi, Ryan F.; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1103-1111, December 2014.

Intraluminal Nonbacterial Intestinal Components Control Gut and Lung Injury After Trauma Hemorrhagic Shock

Fishman, Jordan E.; Sheth, Sharvil U.; Levy, Gal; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1112-1120, December 2014.

Derivation and Validation of a Quality Indicator of Acute Care Length of Stay to Evaluate Trauma Care

Moore, Lynne; Stelfox, Henry Thomas; Turgeon, Alexis F.; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1121-1127, December 2014.

Genome-wide Expression Profiles of Necrotizing Enterocolitis Versus Spontaneous Intestinal Perforation in Human Intestinal Tissues: Dysregulation of Functional Pathways

Chan, Kathy Yuen Yee; Leung, Kam Tong; Tam, Yuk Him; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1128-1137, December 2014.

Loss of Keratinocyte Focal Adhesion Kinase Stimulates Dermal Proteolysis Through Upregulation of MMP9 in Wound Healing

Wong, Victor W.; Garg, Ravi K.; Sorkin, Michael; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):1138-1146, December 2014.