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December 2012 - Volume 256 - Issue 6
pp: 875-1118,e30-e38

Determinant-Based Classification of Acute Pancreatitis Severity: An International Multidisciplinary Consultation

Dellinger, E. Patchen; Forsmark, Christopher E.; Layer, Peter; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):875-880, December 2012.

Resection or Transplantation for Early Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Cirrhotic Liver: Does Size Define the Best Oncological Strategy?

Adam, Rene; Bhangui, Prashant; Vibert, Eric; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):883-891, December 2012.

Should Perioperative Supplemental Oxygen Be Routinely Recommended for Surgery Patients? A Bayesian Meta-Analysis

Kao, Lillian S.; Millas, Stefanos G.; Pedroza, Claudia; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):894-901, December 2012.

Symbiotic or Parasitic? A Review of the Literature on the Impact of Fellowships on Surgical Residents

Plerhoples, Timothy A.; Greco, Ralph S.; Krummel, Thomas M.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):904-908, December 2012.

A Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial of Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Access Versus Conventional 3-Port Appendectomy

Teoh, Anthony Yuen Bun; Chiu, Philip Wai Yan; Wong, Tiffany Cho Lam; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):909-914, December 2012.

Long-Term Outcomes of the Australasian Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Laparoscopic and Conventional Open Surgical Treatments for Colon Cancer: The Australasian Laparoscopic Colon Cancer Study Trial

Bagshaw, Philip F.; Allardyce, Randall A.; Frampton, Christopher M.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):915-919, December 2012.

Axillary Dissection Versus No Axillary Dissection in Older Patients With T1N0 Breast Cancer: 15-Year Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Martelli, Gabriele; Boracchi, Patrizia; Ardoino, Ilaria; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):920-924, December 2012.

A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness, Compliance, and Critical Factors for Implementation of Safety Checklists in Surgery

Borchard, Annegret; Schwappach, David L. B.; Barbir, Aline; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):925-933, December 2012.

Laparoscopic Surgery Compared With Open Surgery Decreases Surgical Site Infection in Obese Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Shabanzadeh, Daniel M.; Sørensen, Lars T.

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):934-945, December 2012.

A Meta-analysis of Outcomes Following Use of Somatostatin and Its Analogues for the Management of Enterocutaneous Fistulas

Rahbour, Goher; Siddiqui, Muhammed R.; Ullah, Mohammad Rehan; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):946-954, December 2012.

Reoperation Versus Clinical Recurrence Rate After Ventral Hernia Repair

Helgstrand, Frederik; Rosenberg, Jacob; Kehlet, Henrik; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):955-958, December 2012.

Laparoscopic Segmentectomy of the Liver: From Segment I to VIII

Ishizawa, Takeaki; Gumbs, Andrew A.; Kokudo, Norihiro; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):959-964, December 2012.

Nonoperative Management of Rectal Cancer With Complete Clinical Response After Neoadjuvant Therapy

Smith, James D.; Ruby, Jeannine A.; Goodman, Karyn A.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):965-972, December 2012.

A Comparison of Clinical Registry Versus Administrative Claims Data for Reporting of 30-Day Surgical Complications

Lawson, Elise H.; Louie, Rachel; Zingmond, David S.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):973-981, December 2012.

Objective Structured Assessment of Debriefing: Bringing Science to the Art of Debriefing in Surgery

Arora, Sonal; Ahmed, Maria; Paige, John; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):982-988, December 2012.

Pressures to “Measure Up” in Surgery: Managing Your Image and Managing Your Patient

Jin, Chunzi Jenny; Martimianakis, Maria Athina; Kitto, Simon; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):989-993, December 2012.

Surgery for Caustic Injuries of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract

Chirica, Mircea; Resche-Rigon, Matthieu; Bongrand, Nicolas Munoz; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):994-1001, December 2012.

Proposal for a Multifactorial Prognostic Score That Accurately Classifies 3 Groups of Gastric Carcinoma Patients With Different Outcomes After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Surgery

Becker, Karen; Reim, Daniel; Novotny, Alexander; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1002-1007, December 2012.

Changes of Quality of Life in Gastric Cancer Patients After Curative Resection: A Longitudinal Cohort Study in Korea

Kim, Ae Ran; Cho, Juhee; Hsu, Yea-Jen; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1008-1013, December 2012.

Upregulated Expression of ADAM17 Is a Prognostic Marker for Patients With Gastric Cancer

Shou, Zhang-Xuan; Jin, Xue; Zhao, Zhong-Sheng

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1014-1022, December 2012.

Long-Term Effects of Sleeve Gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Morbidly Obese Subjects

Jiménez, Amanda; Casamitjana, Roser; Flores, Lílliam; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1023-1029, December 2012.

Transanal Employment of Single Access Ports Is Feasible for Rectal Surgery

Barendse, Renée M.; Doornebosch, Pascal G.; Bemelman, Willem A.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1030-1033, December 2012.

Anastomotic Leak Is Not Associated With Oncologic Outcome in Patients Undergoing Low Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer

Smith, James D.; Paty, Philip B.; Guillem, José G.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1034-1038, December 2012.

Appendicectomy is Associated With Increased Pregnancy Rate: A Cohort Study

Wei, Li; MacDonald, Thomas M.; Shimi, Sami M.

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1039-1044, December 2012.

Significantly Increased Pregnancy Rates After Laparoscopic Restorative Proctocolectomy: A Cross-Sectional Study

Bartels, Sanne A. L.; D'Hoore, André; Cuesta, Miguel A.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1045-1048, December 2012.

The Entire Small Intestine Mediates the Changes in Glucose Homeostasis After Intestinal Surgery in Goto-Kakizaki Rats

Liu, Shaozhuang; Zhang, Guangyong; Wang, Lei; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1049-1058, December 2012.

Cholangiocarcinoma or IgG4-Associated Cholangitis: How Feasible It Is to Avoid Unnecessary Surgical Interventions?

Lytras, Dimitrios; Kalaitzakis, Evangelos; Webster, George J. M.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1059-1067, December 2012.

Association Between Cholecystectomy and Intestinal Cancer: A National Record Linkage Study

Goldacre, Michael J.; Wotton, Clare J.; Abisgold, Julie; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1068-1072, December 2012.

Extracorporeal Life Support for Pancreatitis-Induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Bryner, Benjamin S.; Smith, Candice; Cooley, Elaine; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1073-1077, December 2012.

Patient Selection for Cytoreductive Surgery in Colorectal Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Using Serum Tumor Markers: An Observational Cohort Study

Cashin, Peter H.; Graf, Wilhelm; Nygren, Peter; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1078-1083, December 2012.

High Pressure Enhances the Effect of Hyperthermia in Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy With Oxaliplatin: An Experimental Study

Facy, Olivier; Al Samman, Sophie; Magnin, Guy; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1084-1088, December 2012.

Impact of Vancomycin Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis on the Development of Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus Surgical Site Infections: Report From Australian Surveillance Data (VICNISS)

Bull, Ann L.; Worth, Leon J.; Richards, Michael J.

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1089-1092, December 2012.

Mass Casualties in Tahrir Square at the Climax of the Egyptian Uprising: Evidence of an Emerging Pattern of Regime's Organized Escalating Violence During 10 Hours on the Night of January 28, 2011

Sarhan, Mohamed D.; Dahaba, Ashraf A.; Marco, Michael; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1093-1097, December 2012.

An Evaluation of a Proactive Geriatric Trauma Consultation Service

Lenartowicz, Magda; Parkovnick, Meredith; McFarlan, Amanda; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1098-1101, December 2012.

Volume–Outcome Relationships in Lower Extremity Arterial Bypass Surgery

Moxey, Paul W.; Hofman, David; Hinchliffe, Rob J.; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1102-1107, December 2012.

Long-Term Follow-Up on the Educational Impact of ACGME Duty Hour Limits: A Pre-Post Survey Study

Fitzgibbons, Shimae C.; Chen, Jie; Jagsi, Reshma; More

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1108-1112, December 2012.

Perioperative Fluid Administration: Historical Highlights and Implications for Practice

Srinivasa, Sanket; Hill, Andrew G.

Annals of Surgery. 256(6):1113-1118, December 2012.

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