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May 2009 - Volume 249 - Issue 5
pp: 703-870

The Impact of Surgeon Specialization on Patient Mortality: Examination of a Continuous Herfindahl-Hirschman Index

Hall, Bruce Lee; Hsiao, Esther Y.; Majercik, Sarah; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):708-716, May 2009.

Operative Experience of Residents in US General Surgery Programs: A Gap Between Expectation and Experience

Bell, Richard H. Jr; Biester, Thomas W.; Tabuenca, Arnold; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):719-724, May 2009.

The Perioperative Period is an Underutilized Window of Therapeutic Opportunity in Patients With Colorectal Cancer

van der Bij, Gerben J.; Oosterling, Steven J.; Beelen, Robert H. J.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):727-734, May 2009.

Real Time Intraoperative Confocal Laser Microscopy-Guided Surgery

Nguyen, Nam Q.; Biankin, Andrew V.; Leong, Rupert W. L.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):735-737, May 2009.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Reduces Skeletal Muscle Protein Degradation and Stimulates Insulin-Like Growth Factors in an Age- and Current-Dependent Manner: A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial in Major Abdominal Surgical Patients

Strasser, Eva Maria; Stättner, Stefan; Karner, Josef; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):738-743, May 2009.

Interactive Spaced Education to Assess and Improve Knowledge of Clinical Practice Guidelines: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Kerfoot, B Price; Kearney, Michael C.; Connelly, Donna; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):744-749, May 2009.

Influence of Acute Epinephrine Infusion on Endotoxin-Induced Parameters of Heart Rate Variability: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Jan, Badar U.; Coyle, Susette M.; Oikawa, Leo O.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):750-756, May 2009.

Validation Study of Radio-Guided Sentinel Lymph Node Navigation in Esophageal Cancer

Takeuchi, Hiroya; Fujii, Hirofumi; Ando, Nobutoshi; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):757-763, May 2009.

Post-treatment Endoscopic Biopsy Is a Poor-Predictor of Pathologic Response in Patients Undergoing Chemoradiation Therapy for Esophageal Cancer

Sarkaria, Inderpal S.; Rizk, Nabil P.; Bains, Manjit S.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):764-767, May 2009.

A Novel Subclassification of pT2 Gastric Cancers According to the Depth of Muscularis Propria Invasion: Superficial Muscularis Propria Versus Deep Muscularis Propria/Subserosa

Sun, Zhe; Zhu, Guo-Lian; Lu, Chong; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):768-775, May 2009.

Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery Versus Conventional Transanal Excision for Patients With Early Rectal Cancer

Christoforidis, Dimitrios; Cho, Hyeon-Min; Dixon, Matthew R.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):776-782, May 2009.

Effect of Body Mass Index on the Outcome of Patients With Rectal Cancer Receiving Curative Anterior Resection: Disparity Between the Upper and Lower Rectum

You, Jeng-Fu; Tang, Reiping; Changchien, Chung Rong; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):783-787, May 2009.

Comparison of the Prognostic Value of Inflammation-Based Pathologic and Biochemical Criteria in Patients Undergoing Potentially Curative Resection for Colorectal Cancer

Roxburgh, Campbell S. D.; Salmond, Jonathan M.; Horgan, Paul G.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):788-793, May 2009.

Should Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy be Practiced in the Developing World?: The Experience of the First Training Program in Afghanistan

Manning, Richard G.; Aziz, Abdul Qayoume

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):794-798, May 2009.

Predictors of Survival After Resection of Early Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Nathan, Hari; Schulick, Richard D.; Choti, Michael A.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):799-805, May 2009.

A Phosphodiesterase III Inhibitor Protects Rat Liver From Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome Through Heme Oxygenase-1 Induction

Narita, Masato; Hatano, Etsuro; Ikai, Iwao; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):806-813, May 2009.

Accelerated Perinecrotic Outgrowth of Colorectal Liver Metastases Following Radiofrequency Ablation is a Hypoxia-Driven Phenomenon

Nijkamp, Maarten W.; van der Bilt, Jarmila D. W.; de Bruijn, Menno T.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):814-823, May 2009.

Surgeon Characteristics and Use of Breast Conservation Surgery in Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer

Hershman, Dawn L.; Buono, Donna; Jacobson, Judith S.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):828-833, May 2009.

The Value of Level III Clearance in Patients With Axillary and Sentinel Node Positive Breast Cancer

Dillon, Mary F.; Advani, Vriti; Masterson, Catherine; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):834-839, May 2009.

Predictive Factors For Ipsilateral or Contralateral Central Lymph Node Metastasis in Unilateral Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

Koo, Bon Seok; Choi, Eun Chang; Yoon, Yeo-Hoon; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):840-844, May 2009.

Early Hypothermia in Severely Injured Trauma Patients Is a Significant Risk Factor for Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome but Not Mortality

Beilman, Greg J.; Blondet, Juan J.; Nelson, Teresa R.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):845-850, May 2009.

Long-Term Risk of Mortality and Acute Kidney Injury During Hospitalization After Major Surgery

Bihorac, Azra; Yavas, Sinan; Subbiah, Sophie; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):851-858, May 2009.

Neurocognitive Evaluation of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the Hospitalized Pediatric Population

Nance, Michael L.; Polk-Williams, Alison; Collins, Michael W.; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):859-863, May 2009.

Mechanisms of Renal Phosphate Loss in Liver Resection-Associated Hypophosphatemia

Nafidi, Otmane; Lapointe, Real W.; Lepage, Raymond; More

Annals of Surgery. 249(5):824-827, May 2009.