Articles by Fernando Bello, PhD

Real Time Cancer Prediction Based on Objective Tissue Compliance Measurement in Endoscopic Surgery

Fakhry, Morkos; Bello, Fernando; Hanna, George B.

Annals of Surgery. 259(2):369-373, February 2014.

“Blowing up the Barriers” in Surgical Training: Exploring and Validating the Concept of Distributed Simulation

Kassab, Eva; Tun, Jimmy Kyaw; Arora, Sonal; More

Annals of Surgery. 254(6):1059-1065, December 2011.

An Evaluation of the Feasibility, Validity, and Reliability of Laparoscopic Skills Assessment in the Operating Room

Aggarwal, Rajesh; Grantcharov, Teodor; Moorthy, Krishna; More

Annals of Surgery. 245(6):992-999, June 2007.