Articles by Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, PhD

Simulation in Surgery: What's Needed Next?

Stefanidis, Dimitrios; Sevdalis, Nick; Paige, John; More

Annals of Surgery. 261(5):846-853, May 2015.

Does the Incorporation of Motion Metrics Into the Existing FLS Metrics Lead to Improved Skill Acquisition on Simulators? A Single Blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial

Stefanidis, Dimitrios; Yonce, Thomas C.; Korndorffer, James R. Jr; More

Annals of Surgery. 258(1):46-52, July 2013.

Simulator Training to Automaticity Leads to Improved Skill Transfer Compared With Traditional Proficiency-Based Training: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Stefanidis, Dimitrios; Scerbo, Mark W.; Montero, Paul N.; More

Annals of Surgery. 255(1):30-37, January 2012.